Top 10 Mobile Accessories Manufacturers in China

China is a fast-growing country with experience and knowledge in the research and development of mobile phones and their accessories. It has emerged as an ideal hub for the importers in developed and developing countries for mobile and tablet accessories. Amid enormous companies, it might get daunting to find the best manufacturer of mobile accessories and the best suppliers and sourcing agents to import mobile accessories from China.

The manufacturers and wholesalers of mobile accessories aim to provide the best services, quality and offers for their customers.

The popular mobile accessories include mobile chargers, cable cords, mobile adapters, screen protectors, phone cases, Bluetooth products, and much more. As it is important to know about the top 10 mobile accessories manufacturers in China and the best supplier to meet your needs, this article will help you to get your requirements met.

Top 10 Mobile Accessories Manufacturers in China


1. APL Technology

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Location: Shenzhen, China

Main Products: Battery cases, Car chargers, Phone adapters, Power cords, and other phone electronic accessories

APL Technology is a known and emerging manufacturer and supplier of multiple mobile accessories. They work as per the demands of their customers and incur their unique needs and demands. All the products go through a strict process of quality checks and are certified for the best quality for all the customers.

The products are approved by the European Union, and CCC is approved by the Chinese Quality Certification Centre. The company provides professional, high-quality products at affordable prices.


2. Shenzhen LTH Technology

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Location: Shenzhen, China

Main Products: LCD screen protectors, Digital cameras, Mobile phones, Bluetooth products, GPS and DVD navigation, Clear screen protector, matte screen protector, Mirror screen protector, and even Gaming consoles.

Shenzhen Vanco Electronics is a company based in Shenzhen. It provides a wide range of products for its customers. The company makes sure to provide high-quality and reputed products. The products are highly manufactured in a professional way and with utmost precision. They offer ODM/ OEM merchandise for different requirements of the customers.


3. QunYijia Electric Company

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Location: Shenzhen, China

Main Products: Lock screens, iPhone LCDs, Tempered glass protector, and Ipad LCDs.

QunYijia Electric company offers various mobile accessories at affordable costs. They have more than four years. They have dedicated themselves to working on the research and development for their products.

The professional team of management and designers to create unique products. They provide mobile accessories for android and iPhones. The company works to provide the best products without any issues that go through quality checks. The aim of the company is customer satisfaction and they provide diverse products for the different needs of their customers.


4. Canway Technology Company

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Location: Shenzhen, China

Main Products: Power Banks, Mobile phone cases, Screen protectors, Mobile phone lens, Wireless charger.

Canway Technology Company was initially called Second Mobile Accessories Works company. It is a manufacturing and reading company based in China. It is one of the three prime mobile accessories creators in China. They have experience of over 8 years in the field and have a dedicated team for the research and development of their products, and a network for sales and distribution facilities. It has several branches all across China.


5. Progi Technology Company

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Location: Shenzhen, China

Main Products: Screen protectors, cable cords, Phone chargers, Tablet covers, tablet chargers, Tablet screen protectors, and much more.

Progi Technology company Ltd. is an enterprise that specializes in the design, research and development, production, and sale of high-quality accessories for tablets, PC, and mobile phones. It is a modern company and they cling to their success to their innovative and creative products. The products are high-quality, excellent, and have the latest technological advancements. The belief of the company is ‘Honesty and Innovation.’


6. Topphone Company

Wifi Adapter

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Location: Guangdong, China

Main Products: Main Board, LCD, Keypad, Bluetooth Headset, Mobile phone chargers, Cables, Housing, and many more products.

Topphone company is a Chinese manufacturing and trading company that deals in mobile accessories of various phones. They aim to provide the best services for their customers. They are a hub for providers of excellent parts, service and at the best prices. Topphone is a professional, proficient provider for all your needs. They deal in the parts of brands like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Sanyo, Blackberry, Samsung, etc.


7. Dongguan PengCheng Electronics

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Location: Dongguan, China

Main products: Power Adapter, Car Charger, LED charger, Switching power supply, Bluetooth products, Mobile chargers, and many more.

PengCheng Electronics or PC electronics is a company located in Dongguan. PC Electronics believes in the manufacturing of specialized and high-quality products across the globe. The products have passed many certifications and are checked for quality sincerity. They offer customizations and work as per the customer’s needs. They have a huge export in countries like North America, South America, Africa, South East Asia, etc.


8. Foshan Junxiang Mobile Company

Phone cases

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Location: Nanhai, Foshan

Main products: Plastic Mobile phone cases, Silicon Mobile phone cases, Holster cases, TPU phone cases.

Foshan Junxiang Mobile Company is located in Foshan, Nanhai. The company manages everything in their factory from molding, material production to assembly and painting of the products. The products of the company are exported to countries like Europe, South America, North America and many more. They dedicate themselves to the satisfaction of their users and are a well-known company in China.


9. Pinjun Electronics Company

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Main Products: Wallet Leather Case, Screen protector, Phone charger, Data cables, OEM phone case, IMD phone cases, Bluetooth products and many more.

Location: Guangzhou, China

Pinjun Electronics is a trading and manufacturing company that deals in various mobile and tablet accessories. They work to provide high-quality, well-built, and uniquely designed products at affordable prices. They believe in providing service-first, quality first for all their customers.

The company has experience of over 10 years and is professional. North America, Europe, South America are the main markets. The products are quality-checked to ensure zero errors and issues in them.


10. Kingleen Electronics Company

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Main Products: Mobile phone batteries, Phone chargers, Power Bank, Cable, Home Charger, Wall Charger, and other communication products.

Location: Guangzhou, China

Kingleen Electronics company is a high-tech company in China. It is a national-registered enterprise. They work exclusively to design, develop, manufacture, and trade in mobile phone accessories. The company has special professional instruments, devices, and equipment to create the best quality mobile phone products.

The company has a qualified management team and manufacturing systems for inspection of raw materials, technology, and finished goods. The main markets include Southeast Asia, East Asia ( North Korea, Japan), Australia, Africa, and North America.


How To Get The Best Supplier to Import Mobile Accessories?


Source: MatchSourcing

There are many ways to ship the mobile accessories to your desired address. But because of risks, loss of shipment in the course of travel, and more, it may get difficult to find the best solution to this complication. In this case, it is a good option to look out for a China sourcing agent.

A sourcing agent acts as a mediator between the customer and the wholesaler or manufacturer. It provides a passage to deliver the goods to the desired locations without hassle and efficiency. MatchSourcing provides the best and most reliable product sourcing services. 

MatchSourcing is a China-based sourcing agent in China. It helps to overcome the ordeals of expensive shipping costs, inefficient supplies of the goods, and lack of quality checks.

Key Reasons Why You Should Select MatchSourcing as Your Sourcing Agent:

  • MatchSourcing provides free consultation to its clients and ensures hassle-free delivery of goods or any kind of shipment, and will answer any queries that you may have related to how to import mobile accessories and other products from China.
  • They have an equipped team of professionals to cater to your problems, understand your goals.
  • They work to help ease any problems arising in the process.
  • There is full guidance and support from the team members from start to finish of the undertaking.
  • Efficient steps are taken to improve the customer’s experience.
  • The team keeps the procedures not only quick but also interactive and collaborates to provide results that exceed your expectations.



This article summarises the top 10 Mobile accessories manufacturers in China. The manufacturers and trading companies are an ideal choice for anybody in the retail business. Phone accessories manufacturers in China are the best choice for commercial utilities.

If you want to import mobile accessories without worrying about anything going wrong, then you should definitely contact MatchSourcing. With MatchSourcing, it gets easier for the customers to reach out to the desired suppliers and find their ideal resources and products.



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