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Based in Guangzhou, MatchSourcing is your one-stop sourcing company to help find products and suppliers in China, conduct quality inspections, ship to your warehouse to save your time & money.

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Our One-Stop Sourcing Services in China

At MatchSourcing, we make importing from China simple. By working with us you will get these services and benefits:

Running into problems when locating products and importing from China? Outsource your product sourcing project and we can help get it quickly done. MatchSourcing is your reliable sourcing agent in China.

With the assistance of our capable staff at MatchSourcing, you can have the finest supplier to design and produce the products you need. We help you effectively fulfill your project planning objectives and deadlines.

Do you find it difficult to communicate with Chinese suppliers and worry about the potential risks of the contract? Our contract negotiation experts can assist you in navigating the challenges of contracting and negotiations.

You don’t have to be concerned about product quality before shipment since we can assist you with product quality inspection to ensure a smooth delivery.

Many Chinese vendors do not support storage services. You can have your products stored at our warehouse for 60 days with no fees to make your transport more flexible.

Our firm specializes in shipment coordination. We will process your order as soon as we get it from factories, oversee each stage, and dispatch your order as quickly as possible and properly.

To attract your target audience members who like to shop online, you must also provide clear, eye-catching images of your items. We make it efficient for you by providing you with amazing product photos.

We can provide Amazon FBA prep services for Amazon sellers with different aiding services. Work with us to ease up the process of sourcing products from Chinese manufacturers to sell on Amazon.

We will provide the best drop shipping service with high-quality products at a reasonable cost. To assure a lower price, we will buy quality items directly from producers rather than through intermediaries.

Transparent China Sourcing Agent Fees

MatchSourcing’s fees are extremely clear, with no hidden charges or commissions. Our pricing covers full services from consulting to sourcing and monitoring manufacturing, quality control, storage, and handling freight. Feel free to contact us if you need any sourcing services. 

Each pricing quote is customized to your unique requirements, such as third-party audit, Amazon Prep Service, and Dropshipping Service.

Tiered Pricing

How Fees Work?

We will charge a service fee, taken as a percentage of your order product value.

$1,000 and below $100
$1,000.01 to $5,000 8.5%
$5,000.01 to $10,000 7.5%
$10,000.01 to $15,000 7%
$15,000.01 to $20,000 6.5%
$20,000.01 to $25,000 6%
$25,000.01 to $30,000 5.5%
$30,000 and up 5%

Sourcing Agent Supports All Business


MatchSourcing is ideal for all sizes of e-commerce. Suitable for major platforms like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and other well-known sites. We will assist you in saving time, lowering total costs, avoiding frauds, and obtaining high-quality items with no effort.

Small/Start-up Business

A sourcing agency may be worth considering if you are a small firm or entrepreneur wanting to source from China. We help find the right products at a factory-direct price and with guaranteed quality, which is hard for you to handle in China.

Bulk Orders

We have skilled agents and provide one-on-one assistance to guarantee that your bulk orders are delivered on time by taking care of all details of your order from beginning to end.

Quality Assurance at MatchSourcing

MatchSourcing is aware of your unique requirements and quality standards, as well as the local business culture. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest quality and total satisfaction.

We assess more information about the plant to guarantee that the collaboration goes smoothly. We can assist you with supplier/vendor audits, on-site factory inspections, and factory strength verification.

If you are unsure about the quality of the items in the factory, our product quality check may dispel your concerns and guarantee that the goods fulfill your specifications.

quality supervision in the factory

Products We Sourced



Home Decor Products

Home Decor Products

Clothes & Fabric

Clothes & Fabric











Plastic Products

Plastic Products

Mobile Accessories

Mobile Accessories

Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies



What sets us apart

Benefits Of MatchSourcing

Two-day sourcing results

Send us an inquiry on the products you need and a sourcing expert will get back to you on the same day and get you the sourcing results within 2 days.

Committed Client Support

Customer satisfaction is a number one priority. We are dedicated to providing world-class sourcing service, listening to customer requests, and being reachable at all times.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

After experiencing our processes, people, and service, if you are not satisfied with what we did for you, we will refund you the service fee.

Hands-off sourcing

We understand the importance of getting your orders right the first time, every time. We guarantee excellence in our core competencies, while you execute excellence in yours. 

Customized for you

If you have unique needs, we can accommodate your business accordingly. We tailor your chosen solution to be sure it meets your needs. All quotes are customized for each customer.

Business partnership

MatchSourcing is more than a sourcing company. We are your eyes and ears in China! We partner with you, design a custom solution, and execute the sourcing process for your business.

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