Amazon FBA Prep Service

We Help FBA Prep and Ship,
You Can Focus on Your Sales.

We ensure that before we ship your package from China, that the packaging meets the amazon fulfilment requirement.  

With significant expertise in all Amazon systems, including Vendor Central, Seller Central, and Seller Fulfilled Prime, we check and prepare the packaging in our warehouses, and how we arrange the shipment to the FBA warehouse.

MatchSourcing customers are always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to working with Amazon. Allow our expert staff to take the uncertainty out of Amazon and streamline the process. We’ll handle the packaging and FBA shipping so you can focus on selling more items!


How Amazon FBA Prep Services in China Work

Receiving Your Goods

Our committed and professional FBA preparation service team in China meticulously receives and prepares your items. Making certain that they are properly packaged and labeled before sending them to an Amazon FBA warehouse or any other warehouse across the world.

Quality Inspection

We apply quality control to examine them to ascertain they meet the Amazon fulfilment requirements. If there is a quality issue, we will not only notify you, but we will also assist you in negotiating with producers on your behalf. Our employees may also assist you in resolving quality issues at our warehouse.

Amazon FBA Packaging Service

Our inspection and prep service will guarantee that the goods are properly packaged and labeled to meet the specific needs of Amazon before it is delivered to the FBA warehouse, saving the seller time and headache.

FBA Labeling Services

If your barcode is not written on the product package, we may assist you by labeling your items. All we want is that you provide us the product FBA label, and our staff will take care of the rest. After that, we will box all of the items and ready them for transportation to the FBA warehouse.

Amazon Freight Forwarder

Our expert staff will create a shipment plan based on your supplied products, lead times, and shipping prices to determine the most cost-effective approach for you. They cover freight by air, sea, and train. Then we will help coordinate the shipping on behalf of you with verified freight forwarders.

Benefits of MatchSourcing Amazon FBA Prep Services

FBA-compliant Packaging

FBA-compliant Packaging

The Amazon FBA Prep services in China guarantee that product selecting and packing is done in accordance with the Amazon requirements.

Strict Quality Inspection

Strict Quality Inspection

We assist you in quality inspection. If there is a quality issue, we will not only notify you, but we will also assist you in negotiating with suppliers to fix it.

Save Cost


Our FBA prep may be very cost-effective to ship your stock directly into FBA. This alternative can reduce the clutter and difficulty of receiving merchandise while also saving money on storage space rental.