Warehouse & Storage Services

We Offer Free Warehouse & Storage Service for 60 Days

Our storage management service includes the acquisition and administration of warehouse space for your items, as well as free storage for 60 days. We make every effort to provide you with the superior storage service you deserve.

Our free storage allows you to be more flexible. With shelves and clearly labeled storage in our warehouses, our technology enables you to monitor and track your inventory in real-time, no matter where you are.

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Collect Goods To Save Your e-Commerce Cost

Importing from China needs to connect to multiple suppliers for enriching your product profile. But you may need to spend more on the increasing shipping cost. With our 60-day free warehousing service, you can centralize your multiple orders to our warehouse for unified delivery. It’s an ideal way to reduce the logistics cost for e-commerce businesses.

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Benefits Of Our Logistic And Warehouse
Services in China

Save Cost

Save Warehouse Storage Fees

Because this approach saves unnecessary expenditures on storage, it is thus more cost-effective. Our perfectly managed warehouses may be a substantial economic benefit for your firm.

Hassle-free Experience

Ease The Trouble of China Sourcing

You do not need to hire a warehouse in China to keep your goods before delivering them. Our staff may collect your items from the seller and keep them in our warehouse for a period of 60 days.

Meet All Quality Inspection Needs

Meet All Repackaging and Storage Needs

We assist you in carrying out customized product repackaging services based on your demands and specifications. Furthermore, our temperature-controlled storage environment ensures the integrity and safety of your products.

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