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China Factory/Supplier/Vendor Sourcing Services

Looking for a reputable sourcing firm in Mainland China?

MatchSourcing is the ideal choice. We are a sourcing business that provides a comprehensive spectrum of sourcing services, from supplier discovery to logistics, from product development to shipment. Our firm provides end-to-end sourcing, inspection, and quality services, reducing your efforts.

We have a reliable network of hundreds of quality suppliers from various sectors, all of which have been vetted and certified by our company. Based in China, we are able to source more qualified factories to meet your production and quality needs. Our solutions make the sourcing process more efficient for both small and big businesses.

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Our Efficient Supplier Sourcing Process

Identify Your Product Specifications

You provide us with product information such as product pictures, specs, QTY, packing needs, material, target price, and so on.

Select Potential Suppliers from Our Supply Network

For each inquiry, we will communicate with proper suppliers which are trusted and are able to offer the right products you need. We also can source new factories to meet your specific requirements.

Verify Potential Supplier's Qualification

Our supplier audit team will look at their prices, production conditions, certification, and quality. So that we may propose the best supplier to you.

Provide a Comparison Between Different Suppliers

We will pick 3-5 suppliers that can provide better offers and better match your demands. Typically, you will receive a supplier sourcing report within 2-3 days. You may compare vendors and choose the one that best meets your needs.

Comprehensive Vendor Audit to Find a
Reliable Manufacturer in China

Background Checks

Before we choose a Chinese supplier, we do a due investigation and ensure their dependability. To check their creditworthiness, we examine numerous public sources online for important information such as credit reports and banking information.


In terms of licensing, we can check the suppliers’ firm registration numbers. We also check whether they have certificates that importing from China or your market access need.

Manufacturing Audit

If necessary, we visit the plant in person to examine the circumstances. An audit will also determine once and for all whether the manufacturing capabilities listed on paper are accurate, as some Chinese suppliers may make extravagant promises.

Quality Compliance Audit

We verify that international labor and environmental regulations are followed, and we evaluate your supplier’s quality management system and manufacturing capability. We undertake quality audits to evaluate new suppliers or to monitor the performance and progress of current vendors.

Social Compliance Audit

Social compliance audits also assist retailers and brands in managing social compliance issues that may have an influence on their company’s reputation. Unethical labor practices, as well as manufacturing tragedies such as fires, collapses, and explosions, may all result in poor brand PR.

On-site Factory Audit

One of the most essential things we undertake before committing to a certain Chinese supplier is an on-site factory audit. Conducting a factory assessment at the start of your discussions assists us in weeding out the numerous trading businesses and middlemen posing as genuine manufacturers.

Third-Party Audit

Most third-party auditing firms conduct a “supply audit,” which is often based on strict standards. We can help contact these verified third-party companies for your additional factory audit.

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement for Your Business Growth

It’s not only about sourcing a supplier. We understand and set up strategic sourcing to tie together market research, cost analysis, negotiation, and contract management.

By knowing your business goal well, we source the right suppliers and help improve your supply chain to make your importing from China easier and grow your business sustainably.

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