Source & Import Mobile Phone Accessories from China

China is the largest manufacturing hub for mobile phone accessories in the world. The majority of the countries rely on it for importing quality accessories for their smartphones. If you are looking for a mobile phone accessories sourcing agent, you must consider many things before getting into this business.

Owing to the average price but high quality, it will not be wrong to say that Chinese mobile phone accessories have won users’ affection. Due to the large population of China, the labor is very cheap. Apart from that, manufacturers can conveniently put the raw materials in domestic use, saving them unnecessary costs.


Types of Phone Accessories to Import from China


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Cases & Covers

People invest a lot in water-resistant, dust-resistant, robust, and durable wholesale mobile accessories in China as it covers to keep their devices working for a long time. Their purpose is to protect your mobile phone from any scratch, damage, and food spills.


Screen Protector

A screen protector is an additional sheet of material commonly made up of polyurethane or laminated glass. It can be easily attached to your smartphone screen and protect it against any physical damage. You can purchase these accessories at an affordable rate in bulk from China.


Mobile Charger

Chargers are an essential part of mobile phone accessories. With the help of wireless chargers, you can put your mobile phone on a charging pad or dock without needing any cable. These days, many smartphones come with this accessory which you can purchase at a low cost in bulk.


Phone Holder

Another popular mobile phone accessory for you to buy wholesale from China is a phone holder. You can attach this device to a plain, hard surface, like a table or a car, keeping your mobile phone firm and safe all the time. You can quickly negotiate with car phone holder manufacturers in China to buy these items.



Find Mobile Phone Accessories Manufacturers in China


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China Sourcing Agent

Businesses worldwide are hiring sourcing agents in China to import phone accessories at a much cheaper rate than any other part of the world. A business person can negotiate the price after product selection through sourcing agents.


The primary services provided by these agents are:

  1. Handling all the paperwork relating to the transaction.
  2. Negotiating the best offer price with the manufacturer on your behalf.
  3. Educating the buyer about every part of the procedure.
  4. Giving an information packet about each smartphone accessories manufacturer.



  • Professional agents can quickly identify defects in an accessory.
  • They avoid conflict of interests in dual representation and payment risk.
  • Agents use tools to perform a quality check of the imported goods.
  • They protect the interests of buyers during the negotiating process.



  • Hiring an agent reduces your chance of forming a relationship with the factory.
  • As the agent controls the communication, you cannot portray your feelings directly to the manufacturer.
  • Some agents mark up the prices, so you end up paying more than you should.
  • Some agents switch suppliers without informing you, which impacts the product quality.


China Mobile Accessories Wholesale Market

Here is a list of famous China mobile accessories markets:

  1. Guangzhou Wholesale Market
  2. Sheng Xian Thrift Market
  3. Jinhon International Digital Plaza
  4. Nanfang Building International Electronic Digital City
  5. Longsheng Phone Accessories Wholesale Center



  • Phone accessories are available at low prices.
  • Numerous options are available.
  • Fewer logistics costs if you purchase in bulk.
  • Customizable products according to your needs.



  • Higher upfront cost if you do not buy in bulk.
  • Product quality is not guaranteed every time.
  • Some suppliers may ask you to pay membership fees.
  • Getting into the wholesale business demands a large chunk of money.


Trade Shows


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Chinese phone accessories seem invincible on the way to conquer more and more demanding international users. So, if you want to set up a business in this field, here are some widespread trade shows you should not miss:

  1. Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show
  2. Shanghai International Battery Industry Fair
  3. China Electronic Fair – CEF
  4. China International Internet of Things Exhibition


B2B Websites

  1. Alibaba
  2. Ali Express
  3. DHgate
  4. Global Source
  5. Made In China
  6. Yiwu Go


Search Engine

Many Chinese mobile accessories suppliers have their own websites. Search engine helps buyers connect with suppliers located in China mobile accessories wholesale suppliers through international websites. When the buyer has done all the research, their queries move on to phrases like free shipping, best price, and high quality, which signal their point of purchase.

That is why optimizing a website page that meets the needs of buyers results in higher conversions. Many search engines are geared directly towards smartphone accessories websites through keywords that buyers search.


Linkedin & Facebook

Some LinkedIn accounts to buy phone accessories from in China:

  • Selva A
  • Phone Accessories in China
  • Mobile Phone Accessories Wholesale – Leather Cases


Some Facebook accounts to buy phone accessories from in China:

  • China Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Guangzhou Mobile Phone Accessories Supplier
  • LP Shop China Direct Supplier



Referrals are a great source of finding reliable leads. You can take help from people in your social network to make full use of these channels. Do not be shy to ask your connections to refer to mobile phone accessories manufacturers in China for importing products.

You can also join Facebook or Instagram to get the word out.


Top 5 Phone Accessories Manufacturers in China


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  • Nanfang Building International Electronic Digital City

It is located at the core of China’s mobile phone accessories market and is a hub of domestic trade, international trade, exhibition, and logistic distribution. You can find a wide variety of phone accessories at a cheap rate here.


  • Guangdong New Asia International Electronic Digital City

It is a 23-story large-scale digital business center for electronics. Here you will find a range of communication equipment and digital products for your wholesale business.


  • Sheng Xian Thrift Market

Here you can easily find a wide range of mobile phone accessories at affordable rates. The sellers here know the latest technology, which helps them communicate efficiently with informed buyers.


  • Longsheng Phone Accessories Wholesale Center

As its name suggests, the products here are mainly mobile phone accessories. Taking a stroll through the five floors, you will see a whirlwind of technologically advanced phone accessories here.


  • SEG Electronics Market

Popularly known as the geek heaven of electronics, SEG is the silicon valley of hardware in China. Here you will find an ocean of electronic components manufacturers for your business.


China Mobile Accessories Factory or Supplier Audit


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Prior Permission

When you start a business, adhere to fair practices by researching the background of the mobile accessories suppliers in China before finalizing. Some suppliers sell fake accessories or do not have prior permission from specific brands to sell their items. You must avoid such traders to ensure getting quality products with no infringement.


Local Import Laws & Customs

Another critical thing to keep in mind is checking local import laws and customs for accessories like power banks, wireless chargers, Bluetooth headphones, etc. Be sure of whether your country allows the import of phone accessories or not.


Actual Costs

Calculate the actual costs of your product, including shipping and marketing, to maintain a healthy profit margin. Then you can decide on a fair, competitive market price for your product.


Negotiate with Phone Accessories manufacturers in China


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Factory sourcing the accessories has a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) that you need to fulfill. The more items you purchase, the lesser each unit will cost you, as a general rule of thumb. So, try striking a balance between staying within your budget and not buying such a small amount.


Quality Standards & Reports

Hiring a quality inspector ensures that the quality of your products is good. Make sure that the accessories are according to set standards. Do not forget to inspect for packaging & physical requirements, functional tests, visual inspection, and barcode verification.


Custom Design

Nowadays, customers like having phone cases, covers, and holders in custom-made designs, so you should consider their preferences. For this, you may provide a design specification sheet to the manufacturer or supplier. If you’ve ordered custom designs for phone accessories, make sure they are according to the specification sheet. In case the strategies are complex, ask for a product sample beforehand.


Pricing & Payment

When importing products from China, there are several ways to pay, including PayPal, wire transfer/Telegraphic Transfer (TT), and Letter of Credit (LOC).

For pricing information, you should ask the manufacturer for the cost breakdown (cost of the item, shipping, taxes, tariff). You should know how much the item actually costs and how much you are paying additionally. Also, decide on the current and future payment terms.


Lead Time

No merchant wants his product not to be replenished in time during a sales upswing. When choosing a phone accessories supplier, considering the lead time is very important. If you are purchasing in bulk, it is essential to know precisely how long production takes and what affects the lead time. You can also work with a sourcing company in China to help with the production follow-up.



While some businesses ship internationally, others are content with just servicing their domestic markets. When finalizing vendor sourcing in China to purchase mobile phone accessories, know whether they ship internationally. International shipping procedures are far more complex than local shipments, so you must consider several factors to ensure seamless delivery. These factors play a crucial role in determining how long the shipping will take.

Some mediums of transport such as sea, air, or rail are the most commonly used shipping services. But before opting for either, consider the time, cost, and nature of your imported products. While air freight is faster than ocean shipping, it is more expensive. Sea freight, on the other hand, is affordable but takes a long time. It is also not suitable for shipping delicate items that cannot endure extended trips in enclosed containers.

It would be best to consider individual countries’ restrictions to ensure that you don’t breach their guidelines and adhere to the prescribed international shipping address formats.



Customs Duties & Documents


Calculating Hard Cash

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When shipping from one country to another, you must follow the custom guidelines. Customs clearance is vital to determine the eligibility of products before they enter into a country. If you do not follow this step adequately, the standard shipping will take more time, and sourcing from China will be useless.


List of customs documents needed to import from China:

  • Bill of lading or Airway bill
  • Proforma invoice
  • Letter of credit
  • Purchase order
  • Commercial invoice cum packing list
  • Country of origin certificate
  • Insurance certificate


Other duties incurred on shipments from China are education cess, Anti-Dumping Duty (ADD), handling charges, Countervailing Duty (CVD), safeguard duty, and protective duty. ImportFewer duty is calculated based on CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) value for ocean shipments.




As a global manufacturing hub, China makes for an ideal source for all kinds of smartphone accessories. No matter where the products will end up, you cannot ask for a better place to source these products. It all comes down to doing proper marketing research, finding a sourcing agent, and connecting with a reliable freight forwarder who helps take the load off you.

Whether you are connecting with the product supplier through online mode or networks, you should be careful. Do not focus only on how much price a wholesaler offers because you can profit in retail. Also, do not risk buying cheap quality products as the shipping cost is high, and most Chinese sellers do not accept returns or give refunds.





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