‌‌How To Find Clothing Manufacturers In China

For any business to thrive, there is a need to have reputable manufacturers, suppliers, and very reliable shipping services. There are several clothes and textile manufacturers all over the world. The only challenge is in verifying whether they provide quality goods and services.

This article will guide you on how to get the best cloth manufacturers in china. You will agree with me that a wide range of products that we use have the “made in China” tag. This is enough evidence that they have a good number of manufacturers in the World.



Why Should You Import Clothing From China?


Designer Clothes

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Importing clothes from China has proven to be a very successful way of boosting your business. Manufacturers in China are known to be very quick and efficient. Chinese cloth manufacturers have three aspects that make them stand out from the rest. They take mass orders, meaning you will never encounter the challenge of having shortages of products in your business. 

They are also very fast in production, importing from China means no delays in getting your goods. Last but not least, Chinese manufacturers can trade comfortably with companies all over the world. They have no limits. They also have the best sourcing companies.

Every business person wants to have a low cost of production and a big profit margin. As an investor in the clothing industry, importing from China will help you achieve that. The total amount of money that you will spend on buying the clothes plus the transportation will be cheaper than sourcing them from your country. 

China is also known for producing unique products, including clothes. Many businesses that involve clothes will not want to sell the usual boring stuff like their competitors. Unique clothes will always attract a large number of customers. If the stock clears, you will be assured of a new supply that will reach you without delays.

Another benefit of importing from China is the fact that your clothes can be customized according to your liking. Some people assume that all the goods from China will be the same. They are very flexible and can work according to the taste and preference of the buyer.



Clothing manufacturers in China produce a wide range of clothes.

  • Swimwear and beachwear. They come in different materials and colors. You can get them for both genders and all sizes.
  • Sportswear. These imports mainly come as mixed orders. They are shipped according to the different sports teams.
  • Fitness and yoga wear. These clothes come in different materials, colors, and designs.
  • Casual dresses. Casual dress factories are commonly based in Zhejiang province. Look for trusted manufacturers and suppliers when importing such.
  • Coats for women. Leading suppliers of these coats are based in Jiangsu province. For high-quality coats, look for professional manufacturers.
  • Sleepwear. They are great in protecting kids and even adults from cold and mosquito bites. They come in wide varieties.
  • Underwear. China is known for manufacturing cheap underwear that is still of high quality.
  • Women’s clothes. Chinese manufacturers produce long fancy dresses, short dresses, wedding dresses, skirts, women’s shirts, and tops. Always look for leading manufacturers and suppliers who provide a fast shipping process.
  • Men’s clothes. They include jackets, polo t-shirts, round neck t-shirts, short and long-sleeved shirts, socks, and even caps. They come in different materials and styles.
  • Suits. China has manufacturers of both men’s and women’s suits of high quality. You can safely import them for your business.


Importing clothes from China is very easy. You only need to identify what you need, confirm if the goods you are about to import are allowed in your country, calculate the total cost of the clothes and transportation, find a trusted supplier, place the order and arrange for the transportation.



How To Source Clothing Manufacturers In China


It is not right to assume that all clothing manufacturers in China are perfect in what they do. You should verify if the supplier you are about to deal with meets your quality requirements. There are 3 important factors to consider during the process of importing clothes. The scope of the product you are interested in, the minimum order quantity, and the test reports. You can use an apparel sourcing agent to make your work easy.



Apparel Sourcing Agents


Sourcing Agent

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They are intermediaries between the clients in need of certain clothing and the manufacturers who are able to meet the client’s demand. The client could be an individual person or a company. Apparel sourcing agents access the needs of the client, locate the supplier, and communicate with the client to confirm if they can take the orders.



Advantages Of Apparel Sourcing Agents

  • They assist manufacturers to respond to the retail demand.
  • They are cost-saving. They can negotiate with prospective suppliers and get discounts on behalf of their clients.
  • They have good communication skills. They have the required knowledge, skills, and expertise to communicate properly. They obtain detailed information from clients and pass it to the manufacturer as expected.
  • They minimize risks. Apparel sourcing agents educate their clients on the risks involved during importing and recommend preventive measures.


Cons Of Using Apparel Sourcing Agents

  • Some can be a bit expensive.
  • Some may misinterpret clients’ information and end up importing what they did not mean to.



China Clothing Market


Clothing Market

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There are several markets you can go to while in China. Most of these markets offer both wholesale and retail services, though retail prices may be a bit higher. Let us look at some of those markets.



Famous China Clothing Market


  • Hongbiantian (HBT) Plaza. This wholesale market has all types of clothes ranging from middle and low grades. The orders from this market are usually based on large quantities. The larger your order, the lower the wholesale price. There are a variety of shops selling different kinds of clothes in this market.
  • New China Plaza Clothes Market. This is one of the most well-known clothing markets in China. It is found in Guangzhou at the Thirteen Hong square. This market can be a bit confusing for anyone visiting for the first time. It has several floors and similar clothes selling on them.
  • Yima/Tianma clothing wholesale market. This market is located near the Baima market. The buildings are more of the same. Most of the stores in this market take wholesale orders. This market produces mid-high grade clothes. Buying clothes in retail will be a bit expensive.
  • Children’s wear wholesale market. There are several kid’s wear markets, including Zhong Ba children’s garment plaza, Super children’s wear wholesale market, and HBF children’s clothing trade center. Zhong Ba Children’s world is the biggest wholesale market for kids’ clothing in the southern part of China.
  • Guangzhou Baima Clothing Wholesale Market. This market is found in South station road Guangzhou. They sell a variety of clothes for both genders and different sizes.



  • Sourcing clothes from wholesale markets reduces the production cost in business. You will get your clothing at very cheap prices, meaning you will get good profits
  • A lot of markets face the challenge of limited stock, this is rarely the case in Chinese wholesale markets.



  • Language barrier. China Clothing Markets have opened up to international trade but not everyone understands English. Many wholesalers are forced to look for translators
  • High quantity of minimum order. A lot of these markets insist on only taking large quantity orders. This is a challenge for new businesses.



China Clothing Fairs


clothing shows

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Trade fairs in China are gradually expanding to international levels. Many people attend conferences from all over the world with the hope of bettering their businesses.



List Of Famous Chinese Clothing Fair


  • SIUF. It has over 800 exhibitors from more than 25 countries. It attracts more than 10,000 visitors yearly.
  • Hong Kong fashion week. This exhibition gives its visitors comprehensive details on the materials, shape, and colors for the approaching season.
  • The Cinte Techtextil China. It is the leading trade fair in Asia, specifically in the technical textile and nonwovens.
  • Yan Expo. It is an international trade fair for yarns and fibers. It is held in Shanghai biannually.
  • The InterTextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics. It is among the largest trade fabric fairs in China.




  • It leads to business improvement. 
  • The exhibitions help business people and manufacturers to keep up with the clothing trends.



  • Going to trade fairs is costly.
  • Some new clothing inventions could be harmful to the environment.



Search Engines


Search Engine

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Using search engines, for example, Google is a good way to find clothing manufacturers. More and more manufacturers remember to update their websites, making sure you go through a number of pages to get important results.





Facebook logo

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There are quite a number of Facebook pages that have very supportive business persons. Many are willing to share ways to succeed. Join entrepreneurial groups and get shipping tips and ways to find the right cloth manufacturers.







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While looking for cloth manufacturers in China, you may bump into some who you cannot meet their minimum quantity order. Ask those manufacturers if they know of other manufacturers that they can recommend. This will help you locate a clothing manufacturer that meets your demands.



Are Apparels Listed On Alibaba Better?


Alibaba Logo

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A good number of clothing manufacturers rarely have a record of tech packs to choose from. Many clothes that are imported from China don’t have a standard design. They also don’t have designers who launch their new collection of clothes like the case on the Alibaba website.

Some clients may find it difficult to trust the process used by Chinese manufacturers to produce their clothes. Such clients are used to ready-made designers on their Alibaba pages. But it is important to note that most of those pictures from Alibaba are either products meant for other customers or mere photos from random websites.



Clothing Factory/Supplier Audit



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Since the end consumer is quality-conscious, you should strictly control your suppliers and the quality of the products they produce. Through it, there is an assurance of selling quality clothing and getting better word of mouth. The categories in audit apparel include the factory warehouse, trims, and accessories, fabric inspection, CAD, cutting, pre-production, fusing, sewing, finishing, final inspection, quality control, and packing.

There are several types of audits in the apparel factory. You can choose from the background check, on-site factory audit, manufacturing audit, quality management system evaluation, social compliance audit, or combine a few methods, to ensure that you are going to work with a reliable supplier.



Best Clothing Manufacturers In China


China is currently ranked at the second position as the biggest economy globally after the United States. China also has a great impact on world textile/clothing exports, in 2020 it had already grown to $291 Billion, making China the largest exporter of textile. Here are the best clothing manufacturers in China.



  • Yotex Apparel


Yotex apparel Logo

Source: yotex-apparel.com


  • Location: Jiading, Shanghai
  • Year of registration: 2015
  • Main products: sports clothing


Yotex apparel is located in Shanghai, China. It is a sports apparel supplier established in 2015 and it has been providing original design manufacturing (ODM) for the United States, Canadian and European industries since it was launched. Most of their common products include streamlined leggings, bikinis, swimsuits, sweatshirts, and many more.

YOTEX is a name derived by two partners, Yova and Terry then ‘X’ stands for several other owners and investors, including overseas partners. Terry, one of the founders, came from Apparel design engineers who had skills in quality checks of garments for several years. They ship their products worldwide at an affordable price.



  • Hemp Fortex


Hemp Fortex Logo

Source: www.hempfortex.com


  • Location: Qingdao, Shandong
  • Main products: Pure hemp
  • Year of registration: 1999


Hemp Fortex was launched in 1999 to focus on processing productive textiles. Hemp Fortex acquires the fibers and twists the thread, then weaves the apparel product’s fabrics. Hemp Fortex does most of its operation with its production plants or other certified facilities to improve more on their quality. 

They only consider using EU-approved dyes and chemicals in dyeing and finishing. They also own knitting plants, sewing machines, and clothing lines for all of their finished products. A few textiles products are available on their website but more focus is on providing fabrics like Pure Hemp, Organic Cotton, Wool, and Recycled Fiber for their clients.



  • H&Fourwing


H&Fourwing Logo

Source: www.hfourwing.com


  • Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang
  • Main Products: women garments
  • Year of registration: 1998


Since it was established in 1998, H&Fourwing has been manufacturing women’s garments. They have been providing high-quality garments for several years. H&Fourwing also provides customized style analysis, design, and manufacturing procedures. 

The main products of H&Fourwing include women’s skirts, tops, blouses, trousers, and many more. A good number of third-party audit assignments have been carried out by the factory, such as BSCI, SGS, BV, ITS. In reality, the H&Fourwing  quality control team representative is from SGS, and they also offer a pre-shipping audit report.



  • Zhongshan ARLISMAN Garment Factory


Airlisman Logo

Source: www.arlisman.com


  • Location: Zhongshan, Guangdong
  • Main product: knit sweaters
  • Year of registration: 1999


Arlisman was launched in 1999 as a traditional textile manufacturer. The founder of Arlisman, Lin Guoli, has been in the textile industry since 1988. With an experience of over 20 years, Arlisman has collaborated with other multinational brands including the US.POLO, H&M, BHS, and many more. Their main products include men’s t-shirts, polo shirts, knit sweaters, jeans, and many more.



  • Doven Garment Co., Ltd.


Doven Garments logo

Source: www.doven-garments.com


  • Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
  • Main products: sweatshirts
  • Year of registration: 2013


Doven was established in 2013 as a supplier on Alibaba. They focus mainly on making utilitarian apparel, marketing apparel sportswear, like t-shirts, polo shirts, coats, shorts, and many more. They are focused and dedicated to delivering the best quality garments. They also hold certificates such as OEKO-TEX, ISO9001, and BSCI. They ship their products worldwide making it easy to receive orders from any part of the world.



What Is The Right Mode For Your Business?



  • Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers



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Dropshipping is a mode of business that enables a company to have its operation without maintaining inventory, operating a warehouse to keep their products safe, or even having to ship their products to their clients. The advantage of using a drop-ship for a retailer is that you don’t have to own a warehouse to store your products. It is also advantageous to the client since ships are faster and affordable.

 This is how it works: A client makes an order to the retailer then the retailer forwards the order and clients details to a dropship supplier from this point, a drop-ship distributor processes the order, packages it on behalf of the retailer then ships it directly to the client.



  • Wholesale Clothing


 wholesale clothing

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This is another mode that is preferred by most clothing businesses. Wholesales entails selling clothes in bulk at a reduced price. Businesses would prefer sourcing their clothes from china manufactures in bulk than sell them at a wholesale price. It is advantageous because the retailer would not need a bigger space for storage.



  • Custom Clothing


Custom clothes

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This is another popular mode for most businesses worldwide. It involves getting clothes with clients’ specifications. A client will give his design and preferences to you. You make orders to the textile companies in China to have it done as specified. This mode will also work well since you sell what clients have specified and prefer.



Factors To Consider When Sourcing Clothes In China

China is the best destination to have your clothes sourced due to their good quality products and reliable products, there are a few factors to put into consideration before importing from China. Read on.



Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)


Minimum order

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A minimum order quantity is the lowest number of units that need to be acquired at one time. For example, a manufacturer’s minimum order quantity can be set at 800 units, which means you can only buy 800 units of inventory or more at a time. 

Alternatively, a brand may set a minimum order quantity for wholesale or retail collaboration, where they need a minimum of 80 units or rather  700 USD worth of product to be purchased together. Minimum order quantity should be put into consideration after you have weighed your budget.



  • Quality And Test Reports


Quality and Test report

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Am sure most of us before purchasing any product anywhere all ask for the quality first before knowing about the price. Always consider quality over price, it is rather you go for a quality product that will serve you for longer and go for a cheaper product that only serves you for weeks. Test reports also are important to be followed, these reports will definitely show how much trust you can put in the products.



  • Design


Clothes design

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The design has always been the talk of the town when it comes to clothing. Most people will define clothes by mentioning the design. Clothes with the best design always sell off very easily since they make you look unique. Before sourcing your clothes in China, put a design on top of your preference list. Consider a company that can manufacture clothes with different designs.



  • Pricing And Payment



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Before considering sourcing your clothes from China, ask for their prices and mode of payment. A manufacturer with higher pricing will force you to also raise your prices which may lead to low sales. Do your research well and come up with a list of manufacturers offering their products at a friendly price. Mode of payment should also favor you for easy transactions.



  • Lead Time



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Lead time is generally the amount of time that is the period of time between an order being placed and the manufacturer completing the order. Lead time is one of the most essential factors to put into consideration in inventory control and time to the market.

Sourcing from China is easy with the help of a sourcing agent since they do follow up the whole schedule to ensure the shortest lead time and your products will reach you safely and well packages.



  • Shipping


Shipping containers

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This is another main factor to consider when sourcing clothes from china. You might not be doing business in China but you prefer sourcing your products from them. Some of the companies may be supplying their products locally. This will make it difficult for people abroad but with the help of a freight agent or a sourcing company, your problems will be sorted out. Shipping is important since it will make it convenient to receive your order from anywhere in the world.



  • Custom Duties



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Custom duty is generally the tax imposed on products when they are transported across international boundaries. To be precise, Custom duty is the tax that is collected when goods are imported or exported. 

The government uses this duty to have its revenues raised, help to safeguard local industries and control the movement of goods in and outside the country. This custom duty should be considered when sourcing your clothes from china since the duty can be so costly.



Consider MatchSourcing When Importing From China




MatchSourcing is a company based in China that helps in shipping products to all parts of the world. They make importing from China easy, by having the hard work done for you so that you can put more attention on everything else. They have a team that is qualified and experienced in sourcing specialists that are dedicated to every part of the sourcing process. 

They are dedicated to ensuring they provide their clients with the best customer service at a friendly price. Once your products are ready, they will first make sure the goods are packed in the right manner and arrange for shipping by express, air, or sea. MatchSourcing will never disappoint you with the timely delivery of orders and your products will always reach you without being tampered with.





China is the best destination to source all your clothing. Their manufacturers are focused on delivering the best quality output from the whole process of production. It is also safe to import from China since they have sourcing and shipping agents with the best reputation when it comes to delivering your orders. Quality packaging, fast delivery, and your order will be delivered in the best condition. 

For any inquiry on how to ship from China go to https://www.matchsourcing.com/.



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