Wholesale Black Seed Oil in Bulk: Your Reliable Supplier

We are your preferred wholesale bulk supplier for Black Seed Oil.

Custom Quotes for Larger Quantities

For larger quantities, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a custom quote. We are dedicated to offering you the best possible pricing and service.

Price Match Guarantee

Found a better price elsewhere? Inform us! We are confident in our competitive pricing and are committed to beating any price you find. Experience the quality and value of our Black Seed Oil today!


Wholesale Black Seed Oil in Bulk: Your Trusted Business Partner

Discover the exceptional quality of our wholesale black seed oil, available in bulk for your private label business needs.

Superior Low-Temperature Extraction

Our black seed oil is procured using a patented CO2 extraction method. This low-temperature extraction ensures the cleanest and purest oil, preserving all its natural properties, making it an ideal choice for your product formulations.

100% Raw Form from Nigella Sativa

We deliver the oil extract in its 100% raw form, maintaining the full bioactive components and nutrients derived from Nigella Sativa, offering you a potent ingredient for your product line.

Naturally-Occurring Omega, Solvent-Free, 100% Pure Cold-Pressed

Our black seed oil is naturally rich in Omega fatty acids, extracted without the use of solvents, and cold-pressed to preserve its quality and potency. This makes it a valuable addition to your health and wellness products.

Black Seed Oil: A Potent Ingredient for Cardiovascular Support Products

With its rich content of Omega fatty acids and antioxidants, our black seed oil can be a key ingredient in products designed to support cardiovascular health and help lower cholesterol levels.

Premium Black Seed Oil for Skin and Hair Care Products

Our premium black seed oil can be a powerful ingredient in your skin and hair care products, helping to fade black spots, restore skin vitality, and support strong and healthy hair.

Pure Black Seed Oil for Smooth and Supple Skin Products

Our pure black seed oil can be a key ingredient in your skincare products, nourishing the skin and leaving it smooth and supple. Partner with us today for your wholesale black seed oil needs.

Your Premier Black Seed Oil Cosmetic Manufacturer

We are your comprehensive solution for all cosmetic manufacturing needs, providing OEM and ODM services with a vast network of over 500 rigorously selected suppliers.

Why Partner with Us for Your Wholesale Black Seed Oil Requirements

Competitive Pricing 

We ensure you receive unparalleled value for your investment with our competitive pricing strategy.

Customizable Packaging Design 

No matter the size of your order, we offer an array of packaging options to suit your specifications. Dreaming of bespoke packaging? Collaborate with us to bring your vision to life with packaging that’s both functional and appealing.

Flexible MOQ 

Your initial order size won’t be a hurdle. Our established connections with a multitude of trusted factories allow us to accommodate orders with lower MOQs.

Quality Assurance 

Our meticulous quality inspection service guarantees that every product, including warehouse samples, adheres to the highest standards. We proactively engage with factories to resolve any quality concerns, ensuring your products are impeccable before their departure from China.

Efficient Shipping and Cost Optimization 

Choose any shipping method, and we’ll provide expert consulting to navigate shipping intricacies, including essential certifications for customs clearance. Our goal is to minimize your shipping expenses while coordinating direct shipments from China to your doorstep.

Select us for your wholesale Black Seed Oil needs and discover the exceptional service, quality, and value we offer.


Looking for a Specific Cosmetic Product?

If you’re on the hunt for a particular cosmetic product, we’re here to help. Please provide us with more details about the product you’re looking for. We invite you to share the details of the product you desire. This may include the ingredients, volume, hue, intended application, or any distinctive characteristics you’re looking for.

Your dedicated agent will scour our network to identify the ideal manufacturer in China and promptly provide you with a competitive quote. If you’ve spotted the product on digital marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, sharing those links can greatly assist us.

We are dedicated to sourcing the exact cosmetic product that fits your requirements. Contact us now, and let’s embark on this journey together!

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