Top 10 LED Light Manufacturers in China

China is the biggest manufacturer of LED lights. It is not only the largest manufacturer but also a leading center for lighting products for industrial, commercial, and personal use.

With an increase in science and technology in these years, China has emerged as the ideal center for light supplies for exporting and importing countries. With its popularity and possibility for economical options, the influence and reach of Chinese light manufacturers are bound to increase overseas.

It is important to know about the Top 10 Best LED Light Manufacturers in China in detail as well as select an appropriate China sourcing agent if you want to import LED lights from China.


Top 10 Best LED Light Manufacturers in China

1. Osram Lighting Company

Osram Company logo

Source: Osram 

Headquarters: Germany

Main products and services: Automotive lighting, Rigid lighting and flexibility lighting, Specialty lighting, Customer Lighting, Industrial Lighting

Osram is a subsidiary of Siemens which is a Germany-based company. It is one of the first lighting companies in the world and the leading supplier for light fixtures in the world. It has been in service for 100 years.

Osram lighting company has three production bases in China, and over 8000 employees working across 40 sales offices across the nation. They are known for their creative and innovative products and are a great option for brand-conscious individuals who are particular about their brand theme and aesthetics. Osram consists of over 5,000 lighting products.

2. TCL Lighting Company

Source: TCL Corporation

Headquarters: Guangdong, China

Main products and services: LED Bulb, LED ceiling lights, LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED tubes, LED track lighting, LED underwater lights, LED wall washers, etc.

TCL Corporation is a leading electronics brand all over the world. It is a popular trade-mark. It is also one of the largest globally known consumer electronics groups.

TCL brand products consist of communication, television, washing machines, refrigerators, small appliances, lighting products, and more. Tcl believes in the idea of strategic partnership. TCL provides a huge range of affordable lights for home decor and home needs. TCL has experience of over 19 years and is compelled to be one of the most respectable leading enterprises in the lighting industry.

3. Philips Lighting Company

Philips Company logo

Source: Philips 

Headquarters: Netherlands

Main products and services: Philips LED light bulbs, Philips hue, Philips tube lights, Philips light panels, professional light services, products, and systems.

Philips lighting company is among the top LED light manufacturers in China. Philip brand is a dedicated company that provides reliable and cost-efficient electric light bulbs for every household and commercial use. It is a leading light products manufacturing company and aims to provide advanced energy-saving options in all fields such as roads, industries, entertainment, home, offices, complexes, etc.

The use of energy-efficient products helps to ensure that the lights reduce the carbon dioxide emissions into the environment and helps reduce global consumption of energy. It offers lighting solutions that revolutionize the idea of energy consumption.

4. Huayi Lighting Company


Company logo

Source: Huayi company

Headquarters: Guangdong Province, China

Main products and services: Track lighting, Huayi wall lights, Led wall washers, LED inground lights, and more.

Huayi company is highly efficient in its research and development of its products. It has over 400 unique design patents, 60 practical patents, and 7 patents for its inventions in the field of lighting technology. Huayi started as a lighting manufacturer in China but has now managed to become a global lighting solutions producer for a large audience. Be it light fixtures, light accessories, and led lamps; Huayi has got it all.

It has experience of over 30 years in the development of light solutions for commercial and professional use. Huayi aims to develop classic products, offer professional lighting solutions for its users, and work towards creating a healthy environment. You can trust this manufacturer if you want to source LED lights from China.

5. Opple Lighting Company

Opple Company logo

Source: Opple 

Headquarters: Shanghai

Main products and services: LED Lamps, LED Spots, Traditional lights, lamps, fixtures for ceiling light, electrical appliances.

Opple was an integrated manufacturer of light in 1996. It got itself listed on the Shanghai stock exchange main board in 2016. It has the abbreviation ‘Opple lighting’. Opple believes in investing in the research and development of its lighting products. They ensure that the quality of their products remains high-class and high-quality. This is the main contributor to their growing requirements and demand in the market.

Opple produces a wide variety of products ranging from traditional lights to innovative, creative lights and effective professional solutions for users. It is a solution for all your unique needs for different places and different times.

6. Yankon Lighting Group

Yankon Lighting Group Company logo

Source:  Yankon lighting group

Headquarters: Zhejiang, China

Main products and services: LED Downlight, LED Ceiling light, High powered LED lamp, etc.

Zhejiang Yankon lighting group is one of the world’s known leading bulb manufacturers for energy-efficient light fixtures and LED lights and lamps. The company is committed to providing light products that are environmentally friendly. It is a well-known leading company in the field of green lighting in high-tech businesses. Yankon lighting group exports its lighting accessories and products to 40 countries including North America, South-East and Middle East Asia, and Europe.

Yankon is an ideal choice for commercial, home, and office lighting and even outdoor lighting options.

7. Panasonic Corporation of China

Source: Panasonic 

Headquarters: Japan

Main products and services: LED lamps, LED ceiling lights, Electrical and wiring types of equipment, LED tube lights, LED Bulbs

Panasonic is a well-known Japanese brand that is a trademark for China. It is among the top 500 companies in the world. It is a popular name among the renowned-electric enterprise group. It is known for its electronic products such as digital-visual appliances, aviation, etc.

Panasonic is known for its range of affordable, energy-efficient lights that are purposeful for everyone’s needs. They are affordable, elegant, and energy-efficient to improve global-energy consumption. Panasonic Corporation is a multinational company.

8. Foshan Lighting Company

Foshan Company logo

Source: Foshan company

Headquarters: Chancheng District, Foshan, China

Main products and services: LED automotive luminaries LED light sources, LED Luminaries, LED light bulbs.

Foshan Lighting company was a state-owned company in 1958. It later became a joint enterprise by 1922. The company has over 105 patents under its name. Foshan is a company known for its manufacturing and sale of light products. It provides various products such as fluorescent lamps, lights, energy-saving lights, HID (High-Intensity discharge) lamps, auxiliary motorcycle lamps, automotive lamps.

It is one of the very popular and leading bulb manufacturers in China and also in the world for its unique and wide range of products. It is a leading wholesale led lights manufacturer in China.


9. Leboda Technology Company

Lebodo Company logo

Source: Leboda Company

Headquarters: Ningbo, China

Main products and services: LED floodlights, LED Street lights, LED Swimming lights, LED Tunnel Lights, LED Garden Lights.

Leboda Technology company is a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier for industrial, outdoor lights. The company works to provide energy-efficient led light products for both commercial and household use. Leboda works to create efficient life choices for people. It is known for being a big exporter to countries like Africa, the United States of America, Australia, and Europe.

10. NVC lighting Company

NVC Company logo

Source: NVC company 

Headquarters: Huizhou, China

Main products and services: Office lighting, Outdoor lighting, Architectural lighting, etc.

NVC lighting company has emerged as an ultimate solution for all the lighting needs in various sectors such as Transportation, Construction, industrial lighting solutions, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, and more. It has over 3000 company stores.

It is a professional lifting company. The products and applications of the NVC company have also been selected by various popular engineering brands; such as Shanghai World Expo, Beijing Olympic Games, etc.

How To Find the Best Supplier to Import the Best Led Lights?


Source: MatchSourcing

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This list provides the top 10 best-led light manufacturers in China. This is an important article to know how to identify the best manufacturers for you.

World-class China sourcing services such as MatchSourcing make the process easier by providing a one-stop solution to all your needs. You can always contact the team at MatchSourcing to provide the best solutions for your import requirements.



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