Top 10 Sourcing Agents in China

Are you looking for a reputable sourcing firm in China? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best sourcing firms in China, including those in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Yiwu, and other places.

Each firm profile includes information about the company’s product expertise, services, and office location, among other things.

Top 10 Sourcing Agents in China


1. MatchSourcing

MatchSourcing logo

Source: MatchSourcing

Location: Guangzhou, China

Industry: Sourcing

MatchSourcing, situated in Guangzhou, China, is the best China sourcing agent that you can and is noted for its comprehensive services and high durability of products.

They have convenient access to public transportation. They specialize in sourcing and exporting a wide range of products from the Chinese market. You don’t even have to travel to China to find dependable goods.

Because MatchSourcing is confident in its capacity to deliver, they accept responsibility for the success of your material procurement. From your first free consultation to the supply of your products and beyond, MatchSourcing is there to ensure optimal efficiency, cost savings, and profitability.

Overview of the services offered:

  • Product Sourcing
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Quality Inspection
  • Negotiation
  • Shipping and much more


2. Imex Sourcing Services

Imex Sourcing logo

Source: Imex Sourcing

Year Established: 2014

Location: Hong-Kong, China

Industry: Sourcing

Imex is the appropriate choice if you’re searching for a sourcing company that can handle everything from source research to shipping, product development to logistics. The organization provides end-to-end sourcing, inspections, and quality services, reducing your workload.

Imex Sourcing’s founder and CEO, Ash Monga, worked as an e-commerce vendor in the United Kingdom before going to China and founding his own company. Imex Sourcing is one of the few sourcing agents in China that gives its clients exposure to a customizable website where they can check the status of their sourcing requests, making it easy to control the process.

Overview of the services offered: 

  • Comprehensive sourcing
  • Factory Auditing
  • Risk Management services
  • Supplier background verification
  • Quality Inspection
  • Quality control


3. Asiaction Sourcing

Asiaction Sourcing logo

Source: Asiaction Sourcing

Year Established: 2004

Location: Guangzhou, China

Industry: Sourcing

Asiaction is conveniently located in Guangdong, in the south of China, which is known as the “Factory Capital of the World” because of its long manufacturing history and large number of enterprises.

Asiaction Sourcing is a China sourcing agent that is owned by a French company. Originally focusing on the design and furniture industry, Asiaction sourcing now provides a broad range of product design and product sourcing across a variety of industries.

Asiaction specializes in creating its own items, some of which have been scooped up by Amazon Select. As a result, Asiaction Sourcing’s staff offers a unique insight into the market, from production to final consumer.

Overview of the services offered:


4. Jing Sourcing

Jing Sourcing logo

Source: Jing Sourcing

Year Established: 2015

Location: Yiwu, China

Industry: Sourcing

For new buyers, sourcing and importing from China can be a difficult process full of unknowns. Jingsourcing is dedicated to assisting those importers, particularly those who run e-commerce businesses. Most sourcing agencies in China are made up of teams of less than ten employees that cater to larger conventional dealers, but they cater to small and medium-sized firms.

Jing sourcing organization is situated in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China’s largest hub for wholesale products, and is named after its outstanding founder, Zhu Jing. It has a large online presence and provides a free product sourcing service to small businesses.

All they need is the description of the goods, and they’ll respond with price quotes from numerous suppliers in their database. Jing Sourcing also provides cost-effective product sampling, order follow-up, and product sourcing services, ensuring that you’re covered from beginning to end.

Overview of the services offered:

  • Sourcing
  • Product sampling
  • Product design
  • Quality control


5. Guided Imports

Guided Imports logo

Source: Guided Imports

Year Established: 2008

Location: China

Industry: Sourcing

Guided Imports is a China sourcing services company that helps importers with sourcing, quality control, delivery, and other logistics. They provide more customized solutions and packaging modification options, as well as more logistic solutions for smaller-scale shipments. To preserve professionalism, they also impose higher criteria for personnel recruitment and training.

They offer a client-specific approach that incorporates services like cost estimation, quality control monitoring, CSR audits, and door-to-door deliveries. They also assist in the area of product compliance. They can, for example, assist you in determining the labeling requirements in a certain nation.

Overview of the services offered:

  • Supplier sourcing
  • Quality management
  • Factory audits
  • Product compliance


6. Bay Source Global

Bay Source Global logo

Source: Bay Source Global

Location: Shanghai, China

Industry: Sourcing

Unlike other Chinese corporations, Baysource Global is headquartered in the United States, with its headquarters in Tampa, Florida. It provides a wide range of services, primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States, ranging from contract manufacturing to sourcing. The company operates as a China sourcing agent for importers and buyers situated in the United States.

Baysource is well known for manufacturing outsourcing, but its facilities can also be used for product sourcing. If you’re a small company or an engineering firm wanting to outsource manufacturing, this is a viable choice for you.

Overview of the services offered: 


7. Source One

Source One logo

Source: Source One

Year Established: 1991

Location: Guangdong, China

Industry: Sourcing

SourceOne boasts over 30 years of manufacturing and sourcing experience in Asia. The company’s headquarters are in Hong Kong, but it also has offices in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Thailand, and India.

All of their clients share Source One’s dedication to lowering costs, improving product quality and procedures, and providing a unique competitive solution that has allowed them to expand their businesses for the past thirty years.

These Chinese sourcing agents publish reports, flowcharts, and audit samples on its website to assist importers in understanding the process. They offer reports on product cost savings, internal audits, and project planning flowcharts.

Overview of the services offered: 

  • Product research
  • Product sourcing
  • Quality testing
  • Logistics


8. Dragon Sourcing

Dragon Sourcing logo

Source: Dragon Sourcing

Year Established: 2004

Location: Shanghai, China

Industry: Sourcing

Dragon Sourcing is a China sourcing company and is one of the most well-known sourcing firms on our list, with operations in France, the US, the UK, Turkey, Brazil, Austria, and many other companies. Through their broad network of suppliers, they can give you low-cost country sourcing due to their global footprint.

The company began in Shanghai in 2004, but within a decade, it had expanded throughout Asia. Importers in Europe, Australia, and North America may now obtain cheaper goods from China with no extra effort thanks to Dragon Sourcing. Dragon Sourcing is also a well-known and respected sourcing firm that has received great comments from internet customers.

Dragon Sourcing is your go-to partner for purchasing competitively from emerging economies for export, purchasing for local operations, or gaining global procurement intelligence to make smarter decisions. With a small number of companies, they hope to build long-term relationships based on trust, openness, and commercial integrity.

Overview of the services offered: 

  • Procurement of requirements
  • Outsourcing
  • Deliveries


9. China Sourcelink

China Sourcelink logo

Source: China Sourcelink

Location: Shenzhen, China

Industry: Sourcing and Manufacturing

China Sourcelink is a corporation located in the United States and China that provides worldwide supply chain solutions. They can assist you in managing your new and existing product supply chain. They assist with warehouse and order fulfillment in addition to supplier sourcing, RFQ, and manufacturing.

They also produce LED lighting, photovoltaic systems, construction materials, textiles, and basic packaging as a contract manufacturer. From material sourcing to transporting goods, they may assist with ODM or OEM products.

Overview of the services offered: 

  • Project evaluation
  • Warehousing
  • Quality control
  • Shipping


10. Keen Sourcing

Keen Sourcing logo

Source: Keen Sourcing

Location: Shanghai, China

Industry: Sourcing

Keen Sourcing is a sourcing agency established in China that works with small businesses and Amazon vendors. Product sourcing, pricing negotiation, supplier validation, factory audit, and other services are available in this company.

Product Sourcing Service and Quality Control Service are the two primary categories of services offered by Keen Sourcing. The product sourcing service focuses on delivering a complete solution, from supplier sourcing to shipment management, while the second service focuses solely on manufacturing quality control.

Overview of the services offered:

  • Product sourcing
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Negotiating price
  • Amazon label
  • Factory Audit


Most sourcing firms are capable of much more than simply sourcing things. You can reach out to any one of the above-mentioned sourcing firms according to your sourcing requirements.

But, the best and the top in our list is MatchSourcing, due to their impeccable services. So, feel free to contact MatchSouring for any of your queries and import goods from China easily.



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