Why Is Quality Control Important to Supply Chain Management?

Quality in the supply chain is one of the biggest concerns of companies while buying anything for the manufacturing process. So, companies make sure that there is a proper inspection of items so that there remains no space for blunders.

Starting from the initial process, companies perform a quality check after purchasing items, check before the product leaves the vendor’s facility, inspection while the process undergoes, an inspection of finished goods, and even inspection at the warehouse.

All in all, the finished product is accessible to the customer after it has gotten a green signal at every step. Many China sourcing services like MatchSourcing provide quality inspection services too.



Importance of Quality Control in Supply Chain Management

Quality Control

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Supply chain quality management is crucial to keep the company running at a good pace. 

Also, surviving in this competitive world of business, companies need to ensure that the quality is top-notch because that is a basic expectation and not something to compromise.

Quality control is done to check the following:


Check for Defects: 

This is the most basic requirement for quality control. Wear and tears, defects in parts are something that needs to be avoided at any cost. So, companies make sure that they leave no stone unturned and go for a thorough inspection of the product. Sometimes supply chain specialists are also hired to ensure that the raw materials are up to the mark.


External Failures: 

Good quality control is also important to prevent products from getting damaged before the shipping and transportation procedure or before the expiration date. If the product doesn’t satisfy customers’ needs then it will be a bad mark on their reputation.



Abundance of waste and defects during the manufacturing process often leads to inspection increasing operation costs. If the company performs a quality compliance audit then there will be no such need. If the process is monitored thoroughly while the production is continuing, the workers can work on those defects, and the expenditure will also decrease manifolds. 


Toxic materials: 

Usage of toxic and hazardous materials during production is increasing day by day. Many companies at times to produce fast results or to lower the production cost sign up to use toxic and harmful products. The workers who are directly exposed are at much risk. Quality control in supply management keeps a check on that because this in turn can be a danger for the customers in the long run as well. 

The above mentioned are the reasons why having a quality control team in the company is an utmost necessity because when the production of huge numbers of products takes place, there is no assurity about defects and various other errors. 

So, taking that into account having a team that keeps a check on the quality at every step of the process indirectly saves the company from having a hole in their pockets.

Apart from this, if you are importing products from China from your business, you can hire China quality control inspection services like MatchSourcing for reliable quality checks.



How to Control Quality in Supply Chain Management?


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“Prevention is better than cure” is the motto of the entire procedure of quality control, but getting that done isn’t a cakewalk. It requires hard work and planning to make sure that things fall in place. as

Talking of quality control in supply management, businesses should take utmost care of the following:


Establishing a PRAP: 

Planning is the key here. PRAP stands for Production Part Approval Process. It is used to ensure that the standards for production are met while getting things from the supplier.


There are five stages of PRAP:

Stage 1- Part Submission Warrant(PSW)

Stage 2-Part Submission Warrant with product samples and limited supporting data

Stage 3- Part Submission Warrant with product samples and complete supporting data.

Stage 4- Part Submission Warrant and other requirements of the customer.

Stage 5- Part Submission Warrant with a product sample and complete supporting data for review.


Implement Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs):

Attending to customers’ complaints is another necessity. Implementing SCARs helps in that. Conducting analysis will dig out the root cause.


Qualify Suppliers and Materials


There are various ways to qualify suppliers and materials such as on-site supplier audits. This way, the company determines if the supplier is the best fit or not.

Checking ISO certification is another. Auditing the supplier to ISO standard increases your trust in the vendor.

Questioning suppliers is also a way to know more about the supplier. Prepare a set of questions about your doubts and make them answer that. Also, signing a quality agreement will be proof of qualification for the suppliers,

Again, to determine the quality of goods that are delivered, businesses also go for the first article inspection.

Lastly, maintaining a supplier scorecard to showcase his work is the best way to keep track of their performances.


Collection of supplier ratings

It is very important to have an idea about the performance of the suppliers.


Involve supplier

This can be very important in the long run. Involving suppliers in the quality team, will give them an approach to the company’s requirements and also maintain a cordial relationship with the company.

With the adoption of quality control, the company’s approach mainly moves from the inspection method to the prevention method.

It has also been statistically found that production cost lessens down by a very large amount when quality control is properly done in supply management.




“Quality control” is the keyword for success for a business corporation. Naturally enough, the quality of the subject is the first and foremost need of the customer and if the product fulfills their need then only they will come back to the company in the future.

So, there needs to be no compromise or excuse in that regard. Manufacturing audit, quality compliance audit, and factory compliance audit have to be done vigorously to maintain the reputation of the company. You can contact dependable quality inspection providers like MatchSourcing for all your needs.



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