Types of Inspection in Production Management and Their Purposes

To understand the types of inspection, it is first important to understand what exactly quality inspection means and its importance in production management.



What Is a Quality Inspection?

Quality inspection is a method of testing, examining, and computing products and services and comparing the result to find the best fit. Companies hire skilled professionals to conduct the task to avoid blunders.



Importance of Quality Inspection

Quality inspection is the most important key point in the success of a company. It helps in determining the quality of the product so that the issues, if any, are solved at the earliest.

The prime demand is to fulfill the needs of the customer.

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What Is Pre-production Inspection?

Inspection in Process

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Pre-production inspection is a type of inspection in production management. It is a kind of quality control method in manufacturing in which raw materials are tested to check for defects.


Why Is Pre-production Inspection Important?

Pre-production inspection is crucial to reduce the risk factor during production. Also, it assists the company to monitor the suppliers at the initial stage and determine if the supplier is a suitable fit or not. Moreover, it is also very cost-efficient.


How Is the Pre-production Inspection Done?

Pre-product checklist manufacturing helps to conduct the inspection which includes:

  • The condition of the raw materials i.e. the quality and the availability and if it is up to the mark or not.
  • Checking the storage facility also comes on the list. There has to be proper preparation for storage, pre-production inspection takes care of that.
  • Checking on the supplier’s conduct needs more stress.
  • Carrying out the required test to opt out of the issue is the biggest goal of pre-production assessment.

E.g. Inspection during the pre-production process in the garment industry includes checking fabrics, style, and cuts per the customer’s needs.



What Is Dupro Inspection or in Process Inspection?


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DUPRO or During Production Inspection process is conducted in the initial period of the manufacturing process. Inspection of randomly selected products from the lot helps in determining whether the ongoing process of production is going as per already set criteria or not.


Why Is Dupro Inspection Important?

Dupro inspection helps to determine any issue at an early stage. If somehow the issue escapes the pre-production inspection, Dupro inspection can detect it.

Secondly, detecting issues, if any, at an early stage also accelerates the entire procedure and the work can be done systematically.

Thirdly, the quality of the product will also improve by DUPRO inspection.

Also, customers will be confident enough in the company and satisfied as well.

Moreover, it will reduce the entire production cost and reduce the chance of any future financial loss.


How Is the Dupro Inspection Done?

The inspection process is conducted by checking if the production process is in sync with the final result and the quality is as per requirement and the interest of the customer.

It also evaluates the production rate at a certain period.



What Is Final Inspection?

Final approval

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Final inspection in manufacturing is the evaluation of the final stage of the process. The product is inspected in detail keeping the demand of the customer in mind.

As it is the last time the product is inspected amid the procedure, agencies circumspect every detail.


Why Is Final Inspection Important?

Final quality inspection is something that needs to be mandatorily done to avoid any kind of issue at the last minute. It is suggested to have a final inspection agreement along with Dupro and pre-production inspection to rule out any complications at large.


How Is the Final Inspection Done?

Since it is conducted at the final stage of the manufacturing process, the main goal here is to meet the needs of the customer, and hence quality inspection of the products is done.


There are two types of quality inspection:

1)100% inspection

2)Sampling inspection


What Is 100% Inspection?

The process of inspecting every detail of the product is called a one hundred percent inspection. This is done when any malfunction can have a severe effect. So, to rule that out, this type of inspection is conducted.


What Is Sampling Inspection?

By the term, it is understood that sampling inspection in production management is based on the result given by a sample of the lot. It is much more cost-effective and time-saving compared to 100% inspection.

This type of inspection stresses more on quality improvement. 

100% inspection effectiveness is subject to the goods in service. It is only done if the defect in the product can lead to a calamity otherwise sampling inspection is preferred.



What Is Pre-shipment Inspection?

Final approval before exporting

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This is the type of inspection that is conducted after the product is newly manufactured and is all set to import/export.


Why Is Pre-shipment Inspection Important?

This is done to ensure that the quality, quantity, weight, and every other requirement of the goods have been met. Even if pre-production, DUPRO, and final inspection take place during the process, this will never give one the ultimate assurity that the product is satisfactory. 

That is when pre-shipment inspection agencies come to service. 


How Is the Pre-shipment Inspection Done?

The pre-shipment inspection procedure starts with checking the quantity of the product, checking the quality of randomly selected products, and the workmanship of the finished product.

Items that are prone to mechanical or electrical damages are also separately tested.

Pre-shipment inspection report and also pre-dispatch inspection report after a pre-dispatch inspection is conducted is prepared.

A pre-shipment certificate is also issued after all the products are checked.



The inspection process is one of the most pivotal needs of production management. Inspection at every step of the process assists the production of quality products which will not only receive appreciation from the customer’s side but will be cost-effective by manifolds.

Since inspection helps to meet the quality of the product according to the consumer’s need, it will create a loyal customer base for the company. This will emerge as a significant deal for the company in this competitive environment in the world of business.

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