Why Is Quality Product Photography Important for Your E-commerce Sales?

Product photography is a way to capture products in a camera in an attractive manner so that e-commerce platforms can showcase that and lure customers. Since photos are the only thing that the customers can view on an e-commerce platform, special emphasis is given to quality product photography.

Not just e-commerce, product photography is utilized in various other mediums, which include catalogs, ads, magazines, leaflets, brochures, flyers, and most importantly e-commerce. 

Photographers make sure that external factors such as lighting, shooting tables, camera, tripods, editing tools are the best ones they can afford so that the picture represents the physical nature of the product.



What Is E-commerce Photography?


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E-commerce product photography is a way to capture the product to attract customers. If one may say, product photography has reached its popularity mainly for e-commerce. The detailing in product photography was never that big of concern before e-commerce came into play.  

The photographer needs to guarantee that the capture is extremely defined and needs to showcase details of the subject accurately. That is why expenditure on quality tools and location has to be done to bring out the desired result.

Quality product photography is essential since it will display all the features and the specifications of the products to potential customers. Incorrect photography can lead to false expectations or misunderstandings between the platforms and the consumers. This in turn can lead to a series of returned products, causing hassles and monetary setbacks to the e-commerce platforms. 

Various e-commerce photography agencies and product sourcing services provide e-commerce product photography services. One of them is a Guangzhou sourcing agent: MatchSourcing.

Photoshoots for products are done with all fineness. Special instructions on the detailing of images such as resolution, angle, background are also provided by the MatchSourcing team.

You can check out professional ecommerce product photography services if you are looking for someone reliable in the business.



Types of Product Photography 


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Product photography is done in a varied number of ways. Below we discuss the 10 different types of product photographs.


1. Lifestyle Product Photography

A lifestyle shot is the one where the picture is captured in such a way that it focuses on how their lives would look after using the product.

You can also check out MatchSourcing to attain some lifestyle product photography services.


2. Detail Shot

A detailed shot is the one where fine details of the product are projected. It eliminates any sort of confusion regarding the fineness of the product. 


3. Packaging Photography

Packaging photography is used in social media to flex the packaging of the product. Good packaging is always appreciated by the customer and through packaging photography, you can already give them a glimpse of what is in store for them.


4. Scale Photography

Scale photography gives the idea of the actual size of the product. It is taken in such a way so that it gives a clear idea of the size concerning its environment.

scale photography

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5. Studio Photography

This is the high-budget one. The item is kept amid proper location and lighting, and a perfect angle of it is captured so that the beauty of the product comes out in its best possible form.


6. Process Photography

This is mainly for the ones who sell handmade products. It depicts the work that goes into the process. This is another way of bringing in customers by directly showing them the amount of work and effort that goes behind.


7. Group Photography

This is the one where numerous products or large numbers of the same products are shot. Grouping should be done in a very fine manner so that each product is seen and the micro-entity of the product is not hidden.


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8. Non-traditional Product Photography

This is the type of photography that works as an illusion. The idea is sold here, not the actual product. The purpose here is to convince the buyer to buy something related to the idea. 


9. 360-degree Product Photography

360 product photography involves keeping the subject on a turntable and taking snaps at each position, putting those together, and making it look one.

Various famous e-commerce companies use it these days to make it more convenient for their customers.


10. 3d Product Photography

This is again used to showcase the product more efficiently and make it easier for the customers to buy it. This also requires some other components such as drones for the work to be done. 

White background product photography- White background can indirectly help the product to look more vibrant and clear to the eyes.



Why Product Photography Is Important for E-commerce?

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To say it in one sentence, the product photography is the life of e-commerce. The basic idea behind the business is to make the buyer believe that the product will satisfy their requisite needs. 

Now, when it comes to e-commerce, customers can’t see the item with their naked eyes, so the work of the buyer becomes to make the product look representable enough so that it outgrows the need of the customer to check that out physically.

So, product photography comes to play a role there. 

Every type of product photography works with this purpose in their head. The catch is to find the best-suited type for your product or your service. 

For example, while capturing jewelry it’s better to go for scale shots, for products like furniture, curtains, or any room decorating products it’s better to go for lifestyle shots.

One can check Amazon lifestyle photography for that as well.

Studio shots are mainly done by established companies, to depict the best possible form of the product. Most product photoshoots for amazon or any other established corporations are done this way.

Also, detailed shots are very popular these days, because when customers check the fineness of the product closely, it gives them more assurance before spending money on it.

So, let’s talk about 3d shots. As we see, high-budget products such as furniture are very readily available on e-commerce websites these days. Naturally enough, if a potential buyer wants to spend on that, he/ she needs to have a complete idea of the detailing of the product, that’s where companies opt for 3d product photography. 

360-degree photography shows the product by rotating it around. For products such as helmets, watches, sneakers, glasses and many others usually lack the view of the other side, so to make that easier 360 product photography is chosen. This will resolve this issue and buyers can have a complete view of the product with the tip of their fingers.

White background product photography is the easiest and most convenient way to showcase the item, especially for colorful items. It doesn’t make it look as defined as 3d product photography or 360-degree product photography might look, but it is the best way for small-scale e-commerce businesses.

Studio shots for most products are also done in the white background except the products whose color seems to fade in that environment.




Product photography has gained popularity after e-commerce has come into the scene. 

Back then, when e-commerce was not much established in the world, companies have never given much thought to product photography. 

Coming to the present time, when you search for one product, you get thousands of websites showing you the same, companies are trying head over heels to entice you towards their website and that is very clear after 3d and 360 product photography has been introduced. 

Also, with our lives getting more and more “online”, product photography will see a great revolution in the coming days. You can contact a reputed product photography provider like MatchSourcing for more details.



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