How to Source and Import Jewelry from China

Jewelry is of different styles, comes in many varieties, and has a varied demographic. From minimalist pieces to statement designs, there are many jewelry types in demand. Catering to these are many jewelry manufacturers in China. They might be producing a certain type of jewelry or manufacturing a whole range of pieces to offer the buyers. The changing fashion trends make sure that all the products you buy stay relevant at some point in time, spelling profits for your business. Stepping into retailing jewelry is profitable whether you do it online on sites like Shopify or eBay or open an offline store in your neighborhood.



Types of Jewelry to Import from China


Varieties in trinkets

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Wholesale jewelry manufacturers in China will primarily be dealing with gold, silver, diamond, and platinum jewelry for importing into other countries. But apart from these, the jewelry made from metal alloys, aluminum, titanium, zirconia, and copper are also manufactured in huge quantities. Getting into the wholesale business would not be worth it if the products are not worth selling. 

If a customer demands jewelry made from gemstones, pearls, beads, and materials like Swarovski crystal, wood, seashells, and coconut shells, it can be manufactured by a wholesale supplier. Custom manufacturing may be differently priced, but it is a common practice done by jewelry manufacturers in China. 

The imitation jewelry business is also thriving in China. There are numerous wholesale markets the buyers can directly visit and negotiate deals at. Other than this, finding factories or local manufacturers depending on the services and price is supremely easy in China because the jewelry manufacture and import business are very commonplace. 

Whether it is imitation jewelry, custom jewelry, and wholesale jewelry, offer the buyers a very diverse choice to choose from. If you are starting a business in jewelry retail, you would first need to know which type of jewelry wholesale would suit your business based on quality, price, and demand.



How to Find Jewelry Manufacturers in China


Research sales trends for jewelry

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After you know what you are going to buy from the wholesale jewelry supplier in China, you need to understand how to find a good jewelry supplier in China. First, you will need to understand your requirements as an importer. The many importers located around the world fall into the following categories:


  1. Jewelry trading company
  2. Online retail stores
  3. Jewelry shops, Craft stores, souvenir shops, and gift shops.
  4. Supermarket chains
  5. Fast fashion retailers or chains


Many of these importers do business via a sourcing agent who is based in China and assists the internationally located importer with finalizing the purchase. Typically, the fees for a sourcing agent in China can fall anywhere between 1-10% of the factory price. The commission will also depend on the order quantity and the type of product you are buying. The price of hiring a sourcing agent might be worth it if you are new in the business because it will rid you of the stress of doing everything yourself remotely. The only con to finding a sourcing agent is the commission which can significantly impact your budget.


Know the Wholesale Markets


There is variety at wholesale markets

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Suppose you are an independent importer looking to find a reliable wholesale jewelry supplier in China without involving a sourcing agent. In that case, you can visit the wholesale jewelry markets once to understand the business better. The wholesale jewelry markets in China include the Guangzhou market, the Yiwu market, and the Qingdao market.


  • Qingdao market primarily deals with the wholesale of Korean jewelry.
  • Guangzhou market is the most famous wholesale market in China, with quality jewelry and clothes available for wholesale. The quality is good, and the price is competitive, but if you are looking for variety, you will find it here. Prominent markets in Guangzhou include the Langang market, Taikang Road market, and Liwan Plaza.
  • Yiwu market has a smaller minimum order quantity or MOQ as compared to other wholesale suppliers. The MOQ in these markets is 100 units.


Other ways to find Suppliers


Trade shows will help your business

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Other than these markets, there are many different ways to find the right supplier for your jewelry business. As a jewelry business, there are many ways you can find exporters and wholesale suppliers from China. They can be found via the MatchSourcing website. You can visit international trade shows to get acquainted with some of the manufacturers who have presented their manufactured goods in their booths. You can go on searching, or you can finalize a supplier for your business there and then. This way, you would not have to pay for a sourcing agent. 

There are business-to-business or B2B websites that also work to help manufacturers and importers meet no matter the physical distance between them. If you are determined to find an exporter yourself, research will do you good. You should explore the Facebook and LinkedIn pages of manufacturers and then compare them to what other suppliers are offering. The internet will help you with your research, comparing and contrasting, and negotiating. You can also look to get referrals online so that you get a reduced price from the wholesale manufacturers in China.



Jewelry Suppliers on the Web


Know what to look for

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China’s jewelry wholesale business is very popular. The following wholesale jewelry websites are the most significant in the industry:


  1. Alibaba: Helps importers contact exporters with factory-direct rates. There is also a trade assurance and refund guarantee if a product is not up to expectations. 
  2. TTT jewelry: Good quality products at low prices. Handmade jewelry is also an option.
  3. Made-In-China: This is perhaps one of the oldest contenders in the business established in 1998. It is safe to use and has many users.
  4. Teemtry: If you preorder, you will get a 30% discount. Offers free shipping and customer satisfaction guarantee. 
  5. Global Sources: This platform makes sure all the importers and exporters involved are verified and also offers trade assurance.


China Jewelry Factory/Supplier Audits to Check for


Ask for product samples

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To know if the supplier you are engaging with is reliable and worth investing your time and money into, you will need a concrete way to prove so. The most common types of supplier audit you can ask for are:


  1. Ethical Audits: Focusing on social accountability, these audits verify that the workers in the factory are being treated well and that the manufacturer is not engaging in practices that can damage the environment.
  2. Manufacturing Audit: This audit will determine if the factory is up to professional standards and will produce quality products for you. 
  3. Structural Audit: This has to do with the safety of the workers in the factory and works to protect your brand image if you are affiliated with this supplier.



Always Negotiate with Jewelry Manufacturers in China


Know the market price of jewellery you are buying

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The whole negotiation process, while you are engaging with Chinese jewelry wholesale suppliers, can be broken down into steps. There is an inherent acceptance in the suppliers that the buyer would not expect the quoted price. Negotiation is expected, which is why the offered price at first will be higher than expected. You should go with a target price in mind and then ask the supplier to match it. Chances are, a middle ground will be reached. Don’t be afraid to walk away. 

The increased price can be due to a high minimum order quantity. If you go to a wholesale market, you will find that the minimum order quantity does not vary much from vendor to vendor. This is because of competition. You can negotiate in this case, but you can lose business if you stray too far from the quoted price. Research on what is the price for wholesale. If you are researching online and want to find a supplier via the internet, you can look for the typical pricing and MOQ and negotiate with sellers accordingly. There might not be enough room for negotiation if you are on a B2B website because these websites operate on set limits.



Be Prepared with Additional Costs


Manufacturing cost can should be looked into

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The price of a particular piece can also be inflated depending upon the manufacturing cost. Sometimes the cost of a product turns out to be higher than expected. This can increase the price quoted to customers. Other than this, the better the quality of a certain product, the higher its rate would be. For example, the rates in the Guangzhou wholesale market are competitive because of the good quality pieces available there. If you opt for custom designs, that will also lead the suppliers to increase the price of their services. 

The shipping cost is also a significant factor when it comes to the price of the products. Even though jewelry manufacturers have their own deals with shipping companies, the prices of freight services have increased in the previous years, which has also increased the cost for the manufacturers exporting their wares. Understand the pricing in shipping before negotiating the price for the shipping jewelry. Also, account for the time it will take to ship the products. If the shipping is fast, it will cost you more.



Licensing and Payment


Know all the possible methods of payment

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Before you finalize anything, ask for audits, licenses, and the store card of the jewelry manufacturer. You can also ask for a sample jewelry piece before making an order. This will help you authenticate the business and its services. You can contact your jewelry supplier formally via email so that all of your interactions have a reliable record that you can refer to later. 

The payment of the services can be made via a variety of methods. These include using PayPal, wire transfer/Telegraphic Transfer (TT), and Letter of Credit (LOC). This is accepted all around the world, and the suppliers would prefer this method as it is the most common. 





If you want to source and import jewelry from China, it is not difficult if you know how to go about the process. With everything at your fingertips, thanks to the internet, you can research and get the best supplier and price for your business and ensure profitability. Do quality control for your products always so that you can ensure that you offer only the best to your customers and so that you know if the manufacturer stayed true to their promise. Whether you go by the internet or make a deal in person, remember to negotiate and go with a target price in your mind. Understand that a business deal should be profitable for both parties.



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