List of Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Markets

Guangzhou is home to over a thousand wholesale markets. From clothing to jewelry, a buyer looking to source clothing for their business will find a vendor in Guangzhou. With impeccable product quality and competitive pricing, sourcing clothing from Guangzhou is easy and reliable. Combining through the many varieties of clothing and the different vendors can be a daunting task which is why MatchSourcing, a sourcing agent works to simplify the sourcing process for you. 

Following is a list of the many wholesale markets located in Guangzhou that offer different varieties of clothing, with different minimum order quantities and different pricing.

Baima Clothing Wholesale Market

Rows of clothes in a wholesale market


A prominent wholesale clothing market in Guangzhou, the Baima Market, can be found at 16 Zhannan Rd, in the Yuexiu District of Guangzhou. A huge indoor shopping center with individual kiosks for different sellers, this wholesale market sells clothes every day from 8 am to 6 pm. The products offered in the market provide many options for both men and women. The brands are local, and the prices are high, while the quality varies from medium to high. The minimum order quantity at the market is at least 3-5 items in different colors and styles. One can expect the first floor to be crowded.

Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market

Jeans in wholesale


This market is a blessing to anyone who is looking to buy clothing wholesale. The biggest transition clothing wholesale market, the quality of clothing offered in the Shahe clothing wholesale market ranges from low to medium grade. The prices are not too high and can be said to be relatively cheap as compared to other wholesale markets in Guangzhou. It is a professional wholesale market and is frequented by traders dealing with clothing. There are many individual sellers located here that deal with readymade clothes. The wholesale pricing is different for different types of bulk orders. The Na Huo pricing is for 3-5 pieces, whereas the Da Bao pricing applies for more than ten items.

Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market

Varieties of similar fabric


The Shisanhang clothing wholesale market was born in the commercial area that surrounds the ShisanHang Road. The New China Building sees most of the traffic as four markets are located there. Culture Park and Yide Road metro stations are the closest to the market location. This area has a rich history as this area was the first in all of China that allowed foreign trade in the 18th century when there was a trade ban in the country. The clothing available for sale can range from medium to high grade with as much variety as any buyer might need.

Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Market

Same design in different colors


The Zhanxi clothing wholesale market can be found in the Yuexiu area on Zhanxi’s road no. 57. This wholesalers market has over 500 shops spread over an area of 20 000 square meters. If the buyer wants to order for production, the minimum order quantity is anywhere between 70-100 items. For buying on the spot, the minimum order quantity is 3-5 items with variations in colors and sizes. Single items can also be purchased but at retail prices. The quality of the products is medium, and the prices are relatively high. Copies of global brands can be found along with local clothes.

Jinxiang Guangzhou Underwear Wholesale Market

Socks of different colors


Located in the Liwan district at No. 193, Zhanqian Road, the Jinxiang Guangzhou Underwear Wholesale Market is a clothing wholesale market that caters to socks and underwear. The rush is moderate as the location of the market is not in proximity to the Guangzhou railway station. The quality of the items is excellent, and the prices are reasonable given the quality. The minimum order quantity available on the spot is 2-5 items. For production, the minimum order quantity is approximately 100 items in various colors and sizes. This market is open from eight in the morning to six in the evening.

Sourcing Clothing from China? MatchSourcing Helps You

Clothes for wholesale


If you are looking to internationally source clothing for your business from China, there are certain things you should be aware of. The pros of sourcing clothes in the market are as follows:

  1. Sourcing clothing from wholesale manufacturers in China will help your business as you can benefit from the high production capacity of the wholesale manufacturers.
  2. Domestic suppliers cannot match the prices and quality that you can get from China. 

There are also some cons you need to consider:

  1. Shipping Costs have increased dramatically in the previous years, which will be an added cost for your business. 
  2. There is a list of local tariffs and taxes that will just add to the bills you will have to pay if you outsource.

If you really want to source wholesale clothing from China but do not want to deal with challenges that can impact your business negatively, MatchSourcing comes to your rescue. A sourcing agent based in Guangzhou, MatchSourcing services include first listening to your concerns and then working on them to find you the best supplier for clothing as per your conditions. 

If you want to make the sourcing process as comfortable for you as possible, the sourcing experts at MatchSourcing will reach you and suggest solutions based on your needs and concerns. You can get a quote on the wholesale product in just two days. You will not need to worry about quality as MatchSourcing also provides you samples of the product to review before finalizing an order. Once you finalize your order, MatchSourcing also processes your order, inspects it, and tracks it for while making you privy to all necessary information.



Suppose you want to source all the clothing for your retail business from the Guangzhou clothing wholesale market in China. In that case, you can either pay a visit to the market yourself, or you can finalize the process remotely. If you visit the markets, you will have to go through the selection, negotiation, and payment process yourself. If you want a more hands-off experience, you can contact the sourcing experts at MatchSourcing to help you with finding the right vendors depending upon the requirements. 

From getting a quote to product samples and then finalizing the purchase can be done via the website, and the platform also keeps you in the loop as your order is being finalized and shipped.



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