Top 13 China Wholesale Websites for Sourcing Products and Suppliers

China is the world’s biggest manufacturing country, thus finding a trusted wholesale site in China should be your first priority when beginning your own retail or eCommerce company. This will provide you with access to an incredible choice of things at the lowest costs available anyplace on the planet.

It’s important to do business with the most trusted sellers on a secure platform to guarantee a secure and efficient buying experience. Here’s all you need to know about the 13 greatest China wholesalers websites to help you reach reliable suppliers in China.

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1. Alibaba


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Alibaba is one of the leading B2B eCommerce sites on the web. It was, in fact, the first to introduce the concept of wholesale eCommerce. It’s also known for bringing Chinese factories into contact with the rest of the globe. It was difficult to locate and communicate with Chinese vendors before Alibaba’s creation.  With the press of a few buttons, you can now locate and negotiate with Chinese traders.

Alibaba’s sole purpose is to serve as a marketplace. That is, it is just a marketplace where sellers and buyers can meet for the purpose of doing business. Sellers create product listings, engage with customers, and complete deals. Buyers, on the other side, browse products, communicate with merchants, and make purchases.


Main Features of Alibaba


Types of Products

Everything from gadgets to clothes to automobiles is available on Alibaba. As one of the largest marketplaces online, there is practically nothing you can think of that isn’t for purchase on the platform.


Types of Suppliers

Alibaba has three sorts of suppliers: manufacturers, trading businesses, and wholesalers.


Buyer Protection

Buyers have the option of purchasing “Trade Assurance,” which guarantees that any order that is not completed on time or to the standard required will be fully reimbursed.


Assurance of High Quality

Alibaba offers independent product inspections at several stages of the manufacturing process to guarantee that everything is in working order.


Minimum Order

There is no minimum order amount, and it is up to the vendor to decide how few products they want to offer. The majority of transactions on the platform are wholesale, and most merchants will expect you to purchase in quantity.


Options for Payment

Bank transfers, bank cards, e-checking, Wire Transfer, and the website’s own AliPay system are all available as payment options. A “Secure Payment” option is also available, which prevents the vendor from receiving payment until the order has been received and verified.


Options for Shipping

Alibaba’s own logistics business offers a variety of shipping options, including FedEx, DHL, and others. Buyers might also talk about employing their own shipping broker or the shipping broker of the supplier.


Ease of Use

One disadvantage of Alibaba is that several people find the website’s interface to be difficult to use. There are also concerns with rates not being updated as quickly as they should be.


Alibaba Is Recommended For

Anyone wishing to buy products in bulk from trusted vendors, as well as first-time buyers who are apprehensive about the procedure.




1688 logo

Source: 1688 is a site that not only provides individual buyers with a large selection of high-quality products but is also where other wholesale corporations purchase. It is a great source of merchandise, with some of the lowest prices anywhere on the globe.


Main Features of


Types of Products

1688 has a huge selection of every type of product at a good price, which is why so many other wholesale organizations purchase from them.


Types of Suppliers

1688 contains a database of nearly all Chinese suppliers, both manufacturers, and distributors. One disadvantage of 1688 is that much of the trade is conducted between Chinese suppliers and buyers, therefore international customers may face linguistic barriers.


Buyer Protection

Before selling on 1688, all sellers must get a government-issued business license. These licenses can be checked on the internet by buyers.


Assurance of High Quality

Buyers from outside China might hire agents to inspect their goods before they are dispatched.


Sizes of Minimum Orders

There is no minimum order quantity, and many sellers would accept one or two items. This is an excellent way to assess the quality of the goods and the seller’s credibility before placing a larger order.


Methods of Payment

Because most suppliers only accept local payment methods, international buyers will need to seek the services of a buying agency to make orders.


Modes of Transport

Shipping must be coordinated between the buyer and the seller. Because they perform the majority of their business domestically, most sellers lack the required export license. As a result, you’ll need to hire a buying agent to assist you with the import from China.


Ease of Use

Because of the language barrier and the requirement for buying agents, 1688 is not the most user-friendly website for international buyers.


1688 Is Recommended For

Customers with prior experience, those who are fluent in Chinese, and those that already have close relationships with buying agencies.


1688 vs Alibaba

For newcomers with lesser order volumes and less experience, Alibaba is unquestionably the superior alternative. The availability of English support and a welcoming climate for foreign trade will let the sourcing process go much more smoothly. 

When buying goods created in China, medium-sized businesses can also locate dependable suppliers and save time and money. 1688 is for individuals who have experience with Chinese sourcing and wish to improve the competitiveness of some of their products. To get the best of both worlds, the best strategy is to use both platforms.



3. AliExpress

AliExpress logo

Source: AliExpress

The Alibaba group owns AliExpress, one of the world’s leading B2C and B2B portals.  While Alibaba concentrates on large-ticket wholesale sales, AliExpress focuses on the customer and small-ticket wholesale orders. AliExpress has a three-tiered pricing system. That is, as the quantity of the product increases, the average price of the product decreases.

Furthermore, purchasing from AliExpress is quick and secure. Place your items in the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. Everything else, including logistics and buyer assurance, is handled by AliExpress.


Main Features of AliExpress


Types of Products

Buyers can choose from a wide choice of products thanks to Made-in-China. Machinery and commercial parts are given special attention.


Types of Suppliers

Manufacturers and large trading businesses sell their goods directly to the public. Few small dealers exist because they are unable to compete on pricing.


Guaranteed Refund

You can request a complete refund if you do not receive the things you ordered or if the quality differs significantly from what was promised.


Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

AliExpress assures that your cargo will arrive before the deadline. If not, you can contact their customer service team to report the problem.


Time and Modes of Delivery

The logistics company you choose during the checkout determines the timely delivery. 

AliExpress has the following logistics companies for you to pick from:


  • TNT 
  • EMS 
  • UPS 
  • FedEx 


The logistic suppliers may vary from one buyer to the next based on the region or country.


Assurance of Quality

Because AliExpress is a marketplace, you must thoroughly evaluate the suppliers and their products before proceeding with a purchase.


Ease of Use

This is not the most user-friendly website for purchasing China wholesale items and it does not have a high user rating. This is due in part to linguistic and cultural differences.


AliExpress is Recommended for

Buyers who have used China wholesale sites before, as well as those who are ordering commercial and construction materials in large quantities.


AliExpress vs Alibaba   

Online markets such as Alibaba and AliExpress exist alternatively. The primary difference between Alibaba and AliExpress is that Alibaba is just for B2B transactions, whilst AliExpress is for consumers. Alibaba enables businesses to buy huge quantities of items at wholesale costs straight from producers. AliExpress has no minimum order requirements and delivers products at comparable retail pricing.



4. Global Market

Global Market logo

Source: Global Market

Global Market is a Chinese-based M2B bulk wholesale platform. It’s an online store that connects worldwide buyers with high-quality Chinese producers. Global Market was established in 1995 and is based in China’s Baiyun area.


Main Features of Global Market


Types of Products

There’s a wide selection of China wholesale products to choose from, with comprehensive supplier listings in some categories like children’s toys and gadgets.


Types of Suppliers

Many of the world’s premier trade events are held at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong, which is hosted by Global Sources. Many of the same vendors selling at trade exhibits also sell on the site.


Buyer Protection

Every vendor and firm must pass eight demanding benchmark tests in order to receive a Global Manufacturer Certificate from Global Sources. These include quality control, inspections of production facilities, and environmental stewardship.


Assurance of High Quality

The GMC guarantees the quality of the product on the Global Sources webpage.


A Minimum Order Quantity Is Required

Orders on Global Sources have minimum requirements ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.


Methods of Payment

The buyer and the seller can decide on payment methods. For modest orders, PayPal, Western Union, L/C, and T/T are the best options.


Ease of Use

The Global Sources website is exceptionally user-friendly, and its emphasis on exhibits and trade events has helped it become quite popular. The lack of well-defined payment and shipping channels, on the other hand, may make it difficult for many newcomers to make purchases on the site.


Global Market is Recommended for

Those that are knowledgeable with purchasing Chinese wholesale products and are seeking large orders.



5. Made-in-China

Made-in-China logo

Source: Made-in-China

Made-In-China is a Chinese wholesale website that connects Chinese producers and suppliers with buyers all over the world. It was founded in 1998 and is a supplier directory identical to Alibaba, but with fewer suppliers and fewer services.


Main Features of Made-In-China


Suppliers Have Been Verified

The majority of the vendors listed on Made In China’s website have been validated, according to the company rules.


Trading Services That Are Safe

Only once the customer has confirmed receipt of the items in satisfactory condition does Made In China release payment to the vendors.


Types of Products

Buyers can choose from a wide choice of products thanks to Made-in-China. Machinery and commercial parts are given special attention.


Types of Suppliers

Manufacturers and large trading businesses sell their goods directly to the public. Few small dealers exist because they are unable to compete on pricing.


Sourcing Meeting Offline

Because of excellent service, I’m a great fan of Made In China. Made In China can assist you in meeting potential suppliers in person. 


Meeting on Online Sourcing

Because of time and economic constraints, if you don’t want to see suppliers confront, Made In China offers an online meeting option.


Ease of Use

This is not the most user-friendly website for purchasing China wholesale items and does not have a high user rating.


Made-in-China is Recommended for

Buyers who have used China wholesale sites before, as well as those who are ordering infrastructure and commercial materials in large quantities.



6. DHgate

DHgate logo

Source: DHgate

DHgate vendors store their goods in DHgate warehouses in the United States and the United Kingdom under the DH Storage plan. Customers in the United States and the United Kingdom will receive their orders quickly (typically within 2 to 5 days). In addition, products protected by DH Storage have a speedier return and refund process. This is all done at no additional expense to the consumer.


Main Features of DHgate


Assurance of Quality

DHgate maintains product quality through the following procedures:


  • Seller feedback and rating
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Full and partial refunds are available.
  • Icons and badges from DHgate
  • Report on the quality of the merchandise from a third party



Because DHgate is a marketplace, sellers have complete control over overpricing. Tiered pricing is available for every product on DHgate. As a result, you can count on the wholesale pricing stated there to be the finest. DHgate provides specials and offers on a regular basis. This contributes to a further reduction in the buying bill.


Ease of Use

DHgate is easy to use with a simple user interface and quick UI.


DHgate is Recommended for

Wholesale sellers that are looking to purchase bulk products at fair prices.




Lightinthebox logo

Source: Lightinthebox

LightInTheBox is an international online retailer that ships products directly to customers all over the world. Since its inception in 2007, LightInTheBox has provided clients with a convenient option to shop for a wide range of lifestyle products at affordable prices via its websites.


Main Features of


Time and Modes of Delivery

Lightinthebox uses China Post to transport its products. The delivery charges may differ depending on how quickly you need your orders. They provide three different delivery options: 15-20 working days, 6-10 working days, and 3-5 working days.


Channels of Payment

This website accepts PayPal and Western Union as forms of payment. Remember that you can utilize your credit card to complete the PayPal checkout process.


Assurance of Quality

You may be confident in the quality of the goods because they offer such a strong return and refund policy.



If you buy more than 10 units of any product, you will receive an automatic 8% discount. I’ve never seen another website be so open and honest about its product pricing.


Ease of Use

LightinTheBox is easy to use and its users are satisfied with the product quality and delivery time.


LightinThe is Recommended for

LightinTheBox is recommended for wholesalers that are located in the United States and need quick delivery.




Gearbest logo

Source: Gearbest

GearBest was established in September 2013 and specializes in gadgets and accessories for gadget enthusiasts. They have their headquarters in Shenzhen, China, and sell a wide range of products and electronics.


Main Features of


Shipping Policies at GearBest

When using unlicensed China Post or Hong Kong Post delivery, GearBest provides free shipping internationally on all orders. With purchases of $40 or more, most additional shipping methods are free. They also provide fast shipping options through DHL and other carriers.


Return and Refund

If a product is defective, GearBest offers a 45-day return policy, but consumers must pay for return shipping. Within 45 days of receiving the merchandise, buyers will obtain a refund.



The product’s warranty is one year from the purchase date unless otherwise stated on the product’s website. Customers can return an item for a free repair within one year of purchase. The customer is responsible for returning the item, while GearBest is responsible for returning the repaired item.


Ease of Use is easy to use but its users are not satisfied with the refund and replacement time. is Recommended for

Customers for whom delivery date is not an issue or can order goods well in advance.




YiwuGo logo

Source: YiwuGo, which serves 2 million large and micro firms in the upper echelons of the industry sector and has 75,000 physical storefronts in the Yiwu International Trade Market, developed and operates the China Commodity Platform.


Main Features of


Checked for Compliance

The term “Compliance Verified” refers to Yiwu.Go verification of the supplier’s business licenses.


Time and Modes of Delivery

The company does not offer direct logistics services. You’ll need to chat to the provider about it and finalize it.


Channels of Payment

The payment method must be agreed upon after speaking with the supplier.


Assurance of Quality

The aforementioned buyer protection procedures also ensure product quality.


Ease of Use

Because the purchasing and logistics processes are not offered by the website, they are inconvenient. Large orders, especially, can be difficult to coordinate and must be agreed upon by both the buyer and the vendor. is Recommended for

Buyers who place a lot of tiny China wholesale orders. In addition, seasoned purchasers with well-established logistical procedures.




TBDress logo

Source: TBDress

They have a section on their website dedicated to footwear and accessories. You may access them via iPhone and applications in addition to websites. For bulk buyers, they do provide a wholesale plan. You are free to look at any current pricing you choose. They provide you with the ability to explore at your leisure.


Main Features of


Time and Modes of Delivery

You must speak with the relevant supplier and finalize the terms of the logistics. This is because TBDress does not allow you to add items to your cart and then check out.


Channels of Payment

After consulting with the supplier, the payment channel or option must be chosen.


Ease of Use

TBDress is easy to use with a simple user interface


TBDress is Recommended for

Customers that need clothes in bulk at wholesale prices can order from



11. logo


This China wholesale website focuses on appliances and electronics. It must, however, be just like all the other Chinese marketplaces, where you may buy a lot of stuff. They also collaborate with a number of brands to offer their wares.

There is a wholesale plan as well as dropship alternatives on the platform. The fashion section is rather good, and they will dispatch your items quickly and without a problem.


Main Features of


Types Of Products

Products ranging from electronics to jewelry and textiles, as well as premium items, presents, and much more.


Types Of Suppliers

A combination of large and small companies offering wholesale products. Many of the vendors are Hong Kong companies seeking international business opportunities.


Assurance of High Quality

Suppliers must pass multiple benchmark criteria to become a Premium Marketer, including supplying images and videos of facilities and submitting items for testing.


Ease of Use is very easy to use and its focus on quality assurance has made it quite popular for online wholesale shopping is Recommended for

Wholesalers and sellers that focus on the electronics industry



12. TomTop

TomTop logo

Source: TomTop

TomTop is a fantastic China wholesale website that caters to a wide range of goods. Clothing, electronics, and household goods are all available at reduced prices. Their wholesale program is very outstanding; they can offer up to a 20% discount on products.

Bulk packages may also qualify for free shipping if their requirements are met. This business also has its own delivery service. The website is also useful for ordering cosmetics and other beauty products.


Main Features of TomTop


Types Of Suppliers

TomTop has a wide range of different Types Of Suppliers. However, for someone with no prior knowledge, distinguishing between the various sorts of suppliers accessible would be challenging.

For starters, you don’t have to be concerned about the type of vendor you’re dealing with. Your focus is on your goods, and as you gain more expertise with other sellers, you’ll be able to tell who you’re buying from.


Minimum Order Quantity

With the exception of major machines and some electrical items, most consumer goods will have a minimum order quantity.


Methods of Communication

TomTop offers an online chat service through which you can contact merchants at any time.


Ease of Use

TomTop is very user-friendly and offers good customer service to its customers.


TomTop is Recommended for

People who require clothing, household, and electronic products in bulk at a low rate.



13. ChinaBrand

Chinabrands logo

Source: ChinaBrands

Chinabrand is the world’s most popular dropshipping website in China. It has a comprehensive product catalog, and the majority of the product descriptions are quite good. It also offers one-stop shopping for delivery services.

If you want to source out products in bulk, you can hire a product sourcing services company, that can help you get the best quality products.


Main Features of ChinaBrand


Assurance of Trade

Trade Assurance is a method in which ChinaBrand guarantees timely delivery to customers. If the vendor fails to deliver products or fails to adhere to timely delivery or quality, ChinaBrand will reimburse the buyer’s cash.


Inspection Service of Quality

ChinaBrand offers an authorized quality inspection service to safeguard its customers. That means ChinaBrand quality inspectors will examine your goods at the supplier or manufacturer on your behalf.


Time and Modes of Delivery

The supplier is solely responsible for delivery time and modes. As previously stated, ChinaBrand is a marketplace with no direct supervision over the stock and movement of vendors.


Ease of Use

ChinaBrand is fairly easy to use and provides safety to both sellers and buyers.


Chinabrand Is Recommended For

ChinaBrand is recommended for those who like to employ drop shipping services.




Choosing the correct Chinese wholesale portal might be crucial to launching a successful eCommerce or drop shipping venture. The most vital point is to evaluate each seller’s reputation and ensure that payment and logistical arrangements are secure and trustworthy. International buyers can use this list to identify the online market that will help them take their business to the next level.

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of finding the suppliers yourself, you can just contact MatchSourcing. With their result-driven sourcing approach, your business is bound to get the best products from only the best suppliers.



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