Commemorative Army Coins

Celebrate the honor and sacrifice of our service members with our exclusive Military Challenge Coins. These tokens of appreciation are perfect for marking significant achievements, honoring years of service, or showing your unwavering support for our troops.




  • Size: 1.5 inches – Striking the perfect balance between prominence and detail.
  • Dynamic 3D Relief: Each coin features a dynamic 3D relief that brings to life the ethos of military service.
  • Heavy-Duty Composition: Our coins are made with a heavy-duty composition to ensure they stand as a lasting tribute.
  • Hand-Engraved Detailing: Skilled artisans hand-engrave each coin, highlighting the unique aspects of military service.
  • Memorable Gift for Military Personnel: Whether for active duty, reserve, or retired personnel, these army coins are a memorable gift that symbolizes a bond of brotherhood and respect.


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