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MatchSourcing provides sourcing operation services in China for global buyers. We help with the work regarding importing in China, from product development to you get your goods. You don't really need to do the specific work. Rather you can spend your valuable time on work that needs you more and profits you more.


Imagine that you are the "BIG BOSS" and you have a big to-do list. The entire task of importing from China is just the tip of the iceberg of your to-do list. Now you have the overall arrangement and different professional "soldiers" charge to the front.

We, as one of the soldiers, are ready to beat the "enemy" in order with top-speed in the sourcing battles. While you sit behind the scenes, you get all results you want..

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Our Employees

Zhang LiangCheng, Joe Lin, You Nana

Why MatchSourcing?

Client’s top 3 concerns and our efforts.

1.Free sourcing result reference

Would you be qualified?
There are numerous sourcing companies out there in China. I can't really decide which one to go ahead with. Some seem really nice in the industry, but can they work it out as good as to my particular sourcing request??

That's why we start providing free sourcing result reference. You don't need to appoint us as your sourcing agent at the first place. Instead, you can see how it goes before making your decision.

2. Controllable Approach

Are you trustworthy?
The bottom line of importing from China: Safety, Quality (Top two) 1. I'm not sure about the factory you will come up with. 2. I'm not sure whether you will work with my best interests.

If the sourcing result reference helps and works well for you and you hire us as your sourcing assistant in China.We make proposals and provide offer details. The final decision is on you.

3.Cost Model

Is it worthwhile?
How do you charge for your service fee? Can I get results that are worth what I pay?

We have flexible sourcing cost models that cater for different sourcing operation requests. MatchSourcing will analyze your project and charge operation cost based on the complexity of your project. Our service cost starts from $99.

Great! I want you to be my sourcing agent in China!

Take my sourcing to the next level!