1I don’t know you. How can I trust you?

It couldn’t be easier to find a sourcing company or sourcing agent in China. There are “free sourcing” services out there as well, but at the end of the day, buyers have to pay in whatever forms.

What we are trying to do for new clients is providing free sourcing reference instead. Free sourcing reference will include the supplier offers and the company basic background excluding contact information.

It is for your basic evaluation - whether we can get you a good result. We look for potential suppliers and deliver corresponding offers to you for free. (It’s a limited spot campaign each week so that we have stable time to do quality sourcing.)

You can consider going further with our charged sourcing services only after you find the sourcing result reference interesting.

You got nothing to loose. Rather you can get a market pricing information.

2Can I work with the suppliers directly?

YES YES YES. You will have total access to your prospective suppliers if you use our charged sourcing services. You are going to work with the direct supplier or vendor. It means you buy from the supplier instead of from us. We are NOT a middle person or a trading company. What you will pay us is the sourcing service fee depending on what we do for you.

3What, are you kidding? Why the heck is the chance of vendors other than factories?

Don’t get us wrong. The vendors can be factories / wholesalers / dealers etc. The final choice is your call. You can decide whichever that matches your sourcing request best.

Quick words about vendor type of wholesalers/dealers: If your order quantity is not big for first order or your project needs different product items with small quantity, there is good chance that the factory won’t work with you.

Sometimes factories may not be the best choice for you. Most factories are running based on thin profit on bulk orders. So they have minimum order quantity(MOQ) which we don’t like. On the other hand, other vendor options can have a fast turnaround and reasonable offer for you.

4How do you come up with suppliers?

We will select suppliers through some rounds. Long story, short: Background, Qualification, Expertise, Industry Experience, “Matching Level” to your particular case. Read more about how to find best suppliers in China.

5Would you have preferred relationships with suppliers?


  • 1.We only speak with suppliers that can well match your particular sourcing needs.
  • 2.We never take commissions from suppliers. The sourcing and procurement will be 100% transparent and objective to protect your benefit.
6Where do you find the suppliers?

Typical channels are like Alibaba, Global Sources, Taobao, 1688, AliExpress, Exhibitions / Fairs / Conferences, Directories, Industry Clusters, Industry Association and more.

First of all, it’s easy to find suppliers and get quotes by yourself or from sourcing agents. The thing we are doing is to take care of the tedious but important details and make the entire procurement process safe, fast and simple. You can just sit back and reap the benefit. We are aiming to be your “hassle-killer” instead of an "asymmetric information seller”.

Second of all, supplier verification and evaluation play a big role and it's what we will do also do for you.

7How do you charge for your sourcing services?
Please visit our pricing page pricing page.
8What's the payment method?

You can make payment via different ways:

  • By Bank Wire (T/T)
  • By Western Union
  • By Paypal
9Are you limited to any particular industry?

No. We are capable across a wide range of industries due to our extensive experience sourcing from China.

10How much will it cost to produce prototypes? Can you handle samples for me?

The sampling cost will differ from different industries and products. It also depends on the actual cost during the sampling.

We can handle samples for you and delivery sample performance report to you before shipping to you. It can save you unnecessary freight cost in case the sample is not to your request.

11I have some existing suppliers. Can you handle the sourcing?

Definitely. Send you specific requests about what you want us to do for you. We can arrange things like negotiation, order tracking, supplier relationship management, shipping and export assistance, and much more.

12How do I start working with you?

Click here and send your request to get your free sourcing result reference within 2 working days (usually, it’s faster like 24 hours).